Bright future for Moa Kids

Moa Kids has faced a number of challenges alongside their community since September 2010, however the pre-school and nursery is in good heart and looking to the future.

In what has been a tough time for pre-schoolers in Redcliffs, Sumner and Mt Pleasant, Moa Kids provided stability for the children. Somewhere safe, fun and normal when many other aspects of their lives have been in upheaval.

Being one of the hardest hit areas in the city a significant proportion of the centres families have been displaced, either temporarily and longer-term by the earthquakes. This has had a marked effect on enrolment numbers over the last four years.

The centre suffered another blow in March 2014 when it was flooded.

The preschools community and staff rallied. Parents and staff have been working tirelessly to stay ahead of this environment, and to strengthen and extend the care and support offered to its families.

The centre has now been fully repaired and alongside extended operating hours (8-5pm) and flexible session times, Moa Kids is excited to introduce a new Management and leadership team.

Hayley Strachan started her new role as Manager and Senior Teacher at Moa Kids on Monday 6 July. Hayley brings a wealth of professional experience and passion and is looking forward to extending the Moa Kids learning philosophy (Reggio-inspired, children learn through play/ mixed age). She is particularly excited to move into the not-for-profit, community focused sector.

Letisha Seelen Derham has been part of the Moa Kids team for 6 years, and was previously responsible for our hugely successful 4- year-old extension programme. Letisha has now stepped into the role of Assistant Manager / Assistant Head Teacher.

Moa Kids has an “open door” policy for prospective parents, and encourages them to feel free to stop by and meet the team at any time.