Chairpersons Report - AGM

Moa Kids Community Early Learning Center AGM - Monday 16th June 2014

Chairpersons Report:

Our role is still recovering from the effects of the earthquakes and the arrival of two new preschools  in the area.  However, families are returning to the area, the demographic data collected by Redcliffs school is that there will be an increase in the number of children in the area, this is good news  for us.    We continue to increase the number of older children with record numbers starting school from  Moa Kids this year.

I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’, on behalf of the Governance Committee, to all the staff who have continued to pull together to make Moa Kids such a great place for all our children to grow and learn.

I would also like to thank all the parents that have given up their time to stand on the Governance Committee.  I would like to give a special thank you to two members that  are standing down this year. Sarah Kerr who has had more than two years in the HR role on the committee, she has put a huge effort in over the years putting a new appraisals process in place among other things.  Also to Zoe Fiddler who has put in an amazing effort this year with fundraising and events.  Zoe has  organised a large number of fundraising and social events, she has done a great job bringing the Moa Kids family together and getting more parents involved, as well as raising money.  Whilst we have a few new members on the committee this year we can always do with more members,  so anyone considering standing why don’t you come along to a meeting and see what it is all about?  I promise you won’t be roped into lots of work, not straight away anyway.

There are a couple of positions where we could do with some additional help in areas where the person does not need to stand on the governance committee.  The first is in the area of buildings and maintenance, obviously major building maintenance is carried out by the council, but there are tasks in the grounds and smaller indoor tasks that need to be tackled.  We generally have volunteers for working bees but what we need is a co-ordinator to organise the volunteers and materials.  The second area is with grant applications for fund raising.  Neither of these positions would need to filled by a member of the governance committee.

Moa Kids is still not operating at full capacity, the governance committee feels that a lot of family cannot considers us for their children with the current hours that we offer, especially with the post quake traffic.  To this end we have decided to apply to  change out resource consent to increase our operating hours to 8am to 5pm.  The application for this has been lodged with the council and we hope to hear soon.  Before we change staffing levels we will be asking our current families if they would like to use the increased hours.  Anyone not using the hours will be charged for a longer session.

Finally tonight I would like to thank all of you, as parents, for attending the AGM,

Mary Tinkler

Moa Kids Governance Committee - President