Committee Meeting Minutes April 2019


Monday 29th April 2019

Held at Moa Kids premises


GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Carly Waddleton (CW), Zoe Fidler (ZF), Shelley Mitchell (SM), Rrita Xharra-Pope (RX-P), Jude Coombs (JC) and Geraldine Bovett (GB)

STAFF MEMBERS: Hayley Strachan (HS), Letisha Derham (LD) & Rachael Black (RB)

Apologies:       Steve Willcox (SW), Niamh Buchanan (NB), Geneva Pritchard (GP) and Nicole Murphy (NM)

Non-member presence:            Kylie Boivin


Manaakitia tenei hui

Manaakitia tenei roopu

Manaakitia tenei kaupapa

Arahina nga korero

Arahina nga patai

Arahina nga tikanga

Ka puta ai te marama


Bless this gathering

Bless this group

Bless this family

In their reasons for this gathering

Guide this discussion

Guide the questions

Guide us towards a greater understanding



From Committee Meeting March 2019

Moved: Carly Waddleton

Seconded: Hayley Strachan



Hayley and I are taking part in the independent review by the Ministry of Education on how the Lockdown went. We will report back on any findings which may have implications for our reverse evacuation policy.

Strengthening Communities Fund & Rent Rebate

Hayley, Steve and I met with CCC to discuss our current situation. They were open to suggestions on how to move forward. On the table was the idea of buying the property or a long term lease hold for minimal amount. We need to consider the implications of both of these options. We also need more information from CCC about the make up of these two scenarios before we can make any decision. It was discussed about the possible legal implications for owning the property such as insurance etc. It was discussed to look at our lease agreement to check if there are any clauses in it that may be relevant. It was decided that we need much more information before proceeding with any option. Hayley and Carly to go back to CCC and ask for more information about how each scenario could look. This will then be brought back to the committee.


We certainly have I have had a lot families come in from the continued to increase our numbers at Moa. We have really noticed a lot of families coming in for show around’s again and people very desperate to get in.

We have had a lot of Bays Kindy families come in for show around over the last 4 weeks. We have had 5 head to school in the last three weeks and we continue to send children off to school. All these places have been taken

Sharleen has some exciting news. She is 19 weeks pregnant. She is due mid-September. Her plan is to work up as close to her due date as possible. With Shay heading away term three. I think we will aim to have the cover start term three. They can cover shay leave as the start. Sharleen still working out her plan. When we know we will make our plan.  Emily is due to come bcck from Maternity Leave at the end of October so then we will have Margie floating again.

We have had Paddy come out for computers today. We have decided to just purchase 6 laptops, not one for each. We need to come up with a policy with him reading the use of these. We will be working with him over the next while to update and looks our policies and procedures.  

JC: Can we look into getting an App so the teachers can take the photos but they aren’t stored on the device. Look into Cello.

AGM, Mrs O from Redcliff’s primary school is coming also our guest speaker.

The newsletter is working well sending in out each month.

We again had great feedback on the holiday programme.

We will be doing a trikeathon on Friday 17th May at 2-3 everyone will be welcome, gold coin entry for BRAKE New Zealand.

First bake sale in on Saturday 11th May.  Please encourage everyone to bake something. We did really well last year.


Income good across all areas

Good Government funding numbers

Success of Moa Quiz under Fundraising

Costs are ahead of plan across a number of areas:

Staff - Courses for staff under Professional Development. Auditors may adjust a bit into 2019-20.

Staff - Increased reliever costs in line with the rest of the year

Educational resources - Purchase of the outdoor kitchen.

Professional fees - Cost accruals regarding year end accounts and audit.

Overall a healthy profit for March.


Strengthening Communities Fund

This has been submitted.  We are waiting for the results of this, but as per Carly’s discussion earlier we know that we are going to get the full amount this year.

Rata Foundation

ZF and AW to still get together to sort this out.  Our apologies for the delay in doing this.  Now we have a plan with the computers we can do this.  Ipads and ipods for the grant.


HS spent time making resource room safer.

The toilet in the preschool has been leaking but CCC have been out and fixed that day.


1st bake sale is coming up on Saturday 11th May at Mt Pleasant Farmers Market.

Thanks to everyone for the quiz night, it went really well.


Self Review - to be passed.

Move that the policy is accepted:

Moved: Carly Waddleton

Seconded: Hayley Strachan


Westpac Credit Card

Move that we autorise for Hayley is allowed access to online banking

Moved: Cary Waddleton

Seconded: Jude Coombs

Text System

ZF has information from two different companies regarding apps.  We will wait for the lockdown review with MoE and then see what’s necessary.

Incorporated Society

We have a parent who wants to be a member of the Incorporated Society: Niamh Buchanan.

We have two parents whose children have left Moa Kids so they need to be resigned from the Incorporated Society.  They are: Cheryl Brauer and Becky Bailey. 

Jude Coombs: Will be stepping down from the Governance Committee at the AGM.

Phone in’s can’t be counted in the quorum so we can’t keep doing these.  Please send in your apologies if you can’t make it rather than ask for a phone-in.


Monday 20th May 2019 at 7.00pm