Committee Meeting Minutes January 2019


Monday 28th January 2019

ONLINE MEETING - held online as not enough members available to attend the meeting






Manaakitia tenei hui

Manaakitia tenei roopu

Manaakitia tenei kaupapa

Arahina nga korero

Arahina nga patai

Arahina nga tikanga

Ka puta ai te marama

Bless this gathering

Bless this group

Bless this family

In their reasons for this gathering

Guide this discussion

Guide the questions

Guide us towards a greater understanding


From Committee Meeting November 2018




No report submitted.


Welcome back

It is nice to be back and into the full swing of things. As of this week we are back to full numbers and also full teaching team.


We only have one child off to school at the start of term 1. As you can imagine all those days have been given out already. We are again at the stage when a preschool child leaves for school; we need to bring on a nursery child. To get a place at Moa now, you really do need to come through our nursery, as our preschool is completely full.  Any spaces that do come up, go straight to the children that are already enrolled, who are on waiting list for more times and days.

New preschool teacher

We have started the process for looking for a new preschool teacher. At the end of last year, we were really short of permanent teachers. With Terehia and Deb off on unplanned sick leave and teachers already on planned leave.

Letisha and I are interviewing this week. We have had over 30 CV’s come through. This is fantastic. The CV’s are of high quality as well. We are interviewing 5, so hopefully we will have our new teacher decided by the end of their week or early next week.

Update on Terehia

Terehia has a scan and doctors appointment on Monday 4th February. If the doctor is happy, she will start a slow process back into work. This will be very slow, only a few hours a day. It may take months. She will be under ACC until she can return back to full duties. So she will just be an extra.


Last year we had computer clinic come out and look at our systems and do up a quote for us. They have written up two quotes. Their main concern when looking at our systems, was the security of children’s information, especially on some of the teachers computers, as they are so old and out of date.

At the end of last year we were thinking of using the Rata Foundation grant for this. But I feel we need to have the conversation investing into computer software and security systems ourselves. The teachers still want to update and upgrade our ICT equipment for the children and the classroom. So maybe it best we go for the Rata Foundation grant for this stuff. As we may have more of a chance. So interested to hear your thoughts.

Discussions have said that if there is money in the budget then we should get updated computers using our reserves whilst leaving the Rata Foundation grant for technology for the classroom/children.

Professional development

When ERO visited last year, one thing that they commented on was how great it was that the governance committee and management team, supported teachers to attend high quality professional development and how important it was for continued growth.

With our growing teaching team, I have asked Steve to increase out budget next time around, so we can continue to offer this and support and grow our teaching team.

We have several teachers booked in courses already for this up and coming year. Rachael, our new head teacher, is heading on the ‘’Investing in leadership’’ course. This is the mentoring course Letisha and I did 3 years ago. So I'm hoping this will be as successful for Rachael as Letisha and I got so much out of it.

I will be heading to ‘’Sustaining Outstanding Leaders’’ 3 day course in May. Rachael and Deb are heading to ’’Appraisal connector’’ which is an introduction level, March 18th.  

Margie is heading on a ‘’Planning and Programming’’ course on the 4th March The whole teaching team will have extended PLD on Appraisal connector with Liz Depree. A date is still to be set

I also would like the committee to consider sending Letisha and another preschool teacher on Reggios’ study group to Melbourne this year in September.  This year Reggio again is going to be one of our focuses. Letisha and her team have the planning and programming down packed and it is very Reggio inspired. The focus now on strategic plan is the environment.  The study group is 7 days and goes to different Reggio inspired centres across Melbourne.  I went on this, through my last preschool. It was one of the best PLD I have been on.

I have added a link below for you all to see. They only ever take 20 people from across New Zealand. So we might not get on this year, as it sells out really quickly. It's a very sought after PLD.

It is a large cost. But for 7 night’s accommodation, flights and the quality of the PLD, it is a very reasonable price for $2700 per teacher. I think if we want to continue down the Reggio journey, this something we need to consider. If it's not this year then maybe next year. The reasons I ask for two to go at once, I find the teachers find it easier to bring the information they have learnt back into our environment, especially if it is driven by two of them. Anyway, food for thought. Looking forward to hearing thoughts. Happy to discuss it further

Discussions have said that if there is money in the budget for this to happen then yes, let’s continue with this.  SW has confirmed that there is money available to send 1 person per year.

Annual Leave

We have a couple of extended leave booked in this year. Shay is heading off to the UK for 7 weeks. July 19th to 4th September September. I, of course, have my wedding this year. With Tadhg's family coming from Ireland, I will be taking 3 weeks over this time. Monday 18th and back 9th December.

Strategic Planning and Annual Plan

We have out first team meeting with everyone back, this week. So we will be finalizing our goals and strategic plan for 2019. I have elevated last year’s steps and goals. We are doing really well. We seem to be meeting each goal that I set in our strategic plan that was written for 2017 - 2019. At the end of this year, I will be doing up the next three one. So watch this space.

Heat Pump

As you are all aware the weather has been very warm. The staff room really becomes a unpleasant place to be. We had a heat pump installed this week. I think most of the teachers were nearly is tears when they found out, so a big thank you to the committee for approving this.

This has been given the go-ahead.


Rrita and I meet a few weeks back to go over fundraising events for 2019 and get a calendar set for the year.

Zoe has distributed this. Once this is all approved, we will get it up and email it out to parents.


The finances continue in good shape. Income has been good in both November and December, both above 300 hours per day average, but this increase has been matched  by higher costs mainly in relievers as we continue to have long term absence and significant sickness. We will be recruiting an additional staff member shortly to fill these gaps.

Cumulatively we are at the nine months.

Income is up $28k and costs (excluding one off costs as previously discussed) are up $12k.

Net profit is $28k ( without one off costs $64k) against budget of $45k.


Rata Foundation

We are starting the Rata Foundation process to apply for this grant however, we need to make a decision on what we are asking for.  I've attached the two quotes from the Computer Clinic who came to see Hayley last year.

A decision has been made to apply to the Rata Foundation for technology for the classroom.  AW and ZF will make a start on this.


First health and safety report for the year- not much to report.

* In the big winds we had a branch that broke on the nursery tree.  This broke at the end of the day and all of the children were inside.  An arborist came the next day and removed the branch and gave the trees a quick check from the ground.  Checking the trees each morning  is part of our daily safety check, teachers inspect the trees to ensure there are no detached branches.  We do an extra vigilant check when it has been windy.  Also if we feel it is too windy and is unsafe we will always bring the children in.

 * A head pump has been instilled in the staff room, to stop the teachers from melting when they are doing their planning in the afternoons.

We would like to all say a big thank you to the committee for approving this.  There were some very excited teachers.

The heat pump was put in and looks really tidy especially outside as the big outside part has been put out of the way in the bin area.

*Spraying - on Monday the 14th January council was here spraying again.  A number of parents commented on this.  We will always bring the children in if the odour is deemed to be too strong or if they are close to the fence line.

We will continue to work on a plan for resolving this issue.

CW is going to draft a letter with HS to make a formal complaint to CCC about this.


The only urgent one for committee to decide on at this stage is the Quiz night which is pencil booked for the 31st March at the Good Home Ferrymead (old Speights).  This option allows us to sell more tickets 120 vs limit of 80 (at $10 p/p for ticket) if we had it at Moa Kids.  They run the quiz and provide a quiz master for us, set up the tables etc and we only need to worry about selling tickets and coming up with raffle prizes (which will we need to start ASAP).  

Winnie Bagoes - we have gone for the 40-80 ticket tier and they have sent us all templates to use for tickets etc.

$25 per adult - Moa Kids keeps $10

$15 per child - Moa Kids keeps $5

Set Menu for food:

garlic bread, Italian flat bread and wedges for starters, plus green salad and mix of traditional and gourmet pizza for main.

Kids menu:  garlic bread, Italian flat bread and fries for starters and kids pizza for main

We will need to pay in full for all tickets sold on the night so everyone will have to purchase tickets through us prior to the evening.

Speaking to Hayley we thought it would be good to have 2 cake stalls at the farmers market seeing as how well it did last year.  There are 2 date options for each month so we would just need to decide which one we want to lock in.

I looked into the Dubba Deluxe fundraising idea that was mentioned last year however they no longer offer this as a fundraiser but they did give us some vouchers that we can use for raffle prizes at the Quiz Night.

We would like to hold the Disco on Friday 28th June so that we can tie it into Matariki. It's also before the end of the school term so people should hopefully still be around.

If anyone has any other ideas for fundraising just let me know and I can look into it.  

I've distributed a rough calendar with the dates pencilled in.

All in agreement to go ahead with the proposed events and dates.  ZF to let parents know. 


To be reviewed in February.


Incorporated Society

We have a couple of new parents who want to be members of the incorporated society.  I'll bring them to the February meeting though so they can be signed in officially.

CCC - Liquor Licence Application in Redcliffs Village

A family member who is very concerned about this application, wants the committee to make a submission against this application.  We feel that this needs to be discussed at committee level and an application made as the governance committee.  The closing date for submission is Tuesday 19th February so we need to act fast on this one.  Is anyone able to drive this please?

Discussions over this have lead to there being committee members for and against this application.  We have thus decided not to put in a submission as we will remain neutral.


Monday 18th February 2019 at 7.30pm