Committee Meeting Minutes January 2018


Monday 22nd January 2018

Meeting held at Moa Kids premises

Present:           GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Carly Waddleton (CW), Steve Willcox (SW), Zoe Fidler                               (ZF), Rrita Xharra-Pope (RXP), Jude Coombs (JC) and Shelley Mitchell (SM)

                         STAFF MEMBERS: Hayley Strachan (HS) and Letisha Derham (LD)

Apologies:       Abigail Wills (AW), Jordana Clarke (JClarke) and Geraldine Bovett (GB)

Non-Committee Members:   Nicole Murphy (NM)  


Manaakitia tenei hui

Manaakitia tenei roopu

Manaakitia tenei kaupapa

Arahina nga korero

Arahina nga patai

Arahina nga tikanga

Ka puta ai te marama


Bless this gathering

Bless this group

Bless this family

In their reasons for this gathering

Guide this discussion

Guide the questions

Guide us towards a greater understanding



From Committee Meeting November 2017

New Parents policy needs to be moved and passed in this meeting.



Nothing new to report except its great to see Moa Kids thriving.  Is the domestic helping.  CW will get onto storage and will follow up on computers for staff.



It has continued to grow at Moa and we officially are nearly at full capacity. We only have spaces left it the afternoon and have a started to grow our waitlist.

We have several children start school next week. But their spaces have already been given away, so we shouldn’t see a change there.

Rebecca has started in the domestic role and instantly it has made a huge difference to the preschool team. It has just really freed up a teacher to teacher role again, which is fantastic.

With the numbers counting to grow, I do feel we need to look at a nursery teacher at some stage. I’m just using a casual at the moment, but I do feel for the children and families that a permanent teacher would help keep the continuity and low ratios we strive to meet. This would need to be a 40 hour role as we have 6/7 babies from 8am and same at the end of the night.

First day back and I got an email from Ministry of Education saying that we will be coming up for our 3 year review in either term one or term two. This a lot earlier than I thought. Letisha and I have an information evening next week so we will know more then on what they are focusing on this time. We still haven’t got all our systems sorted and running at the high standard I would like. But feel we are on the right track and have made sufficient changes since the last review. The email say we will get 8 weeks’ notice, however I have herd sometimes it can be 4 – 6 weeks. So the first half of the year. I will be turning my focus to preparing for this.

With a few shakes lately, it has reminded me about our safe house and making sure everyone is aware of how to get there. I have emailed through to Ken and Mullion Atkins’ household to have a meeting with them and also will take the staff up the track to the house on one of our staff meetings.

Insurance, last month we had some not very nice people into the playground over the weekend. They of course damaged the nursery fence. Can we please pass that we are happy to pay the $500 excess to get the fence fixed.

Resolution to move that we spend $500 to pay for the excess to repair the fence.

Moved:  Hayley Strachan

Seconded: Steve Willcox

Heat pumps: Our heat pumps are struggling to keep the room cool in the preschool room. So I did get them all professionally serviced last Friday. I asked the man to send through a quote for the nursery sleep room for a heat pump/air con. I’m just a little concerned on how hot that room is getting. Could we look at getting a little heat pump for this room and for a wish list the staffroom.

Resolution to move that we buy a heat pump/air con unit for the nursery sleep room.

Moved: Hayley Strachan

Seconded: Jude Coombs

Insurance floor in the nursery.  The previous cleaners are going to replace the whole nursery floor but we haven’t heard from them.  HS will chase.

With the teaching room growing and Zoe now at 4 mornings, HS would like to give the laptop that is used in the office to the teachers so that Letisha and herself can have a new one as there is confidential/sensitive information on it.

Resolution to move that 2 new laptops are purchased for the teaching team.

Moved: Hayley Strachan

Seconded: Rrita Xharra-Pope



SW pointed out that we have reached a level of hours funded per day which is probably near to a peak as shown by November and Decembers consistent level of performance.


45% more children hours per day than at the same time last year.  

Government funding: 45% up on budget.  Year 25% up.

Donations are up - $4000 donation from Rata Foundation.

Fees and WINZ are up.


Resources: money from Rata Foundation.

Staff Expenses:  Payroll, which you would expect to be above budget.  Relieving budget is massively over but that is a result of more children.

We are $7000 up on month of December.

Cumulatively we are $68,000 up for the year.



Included in Managers Report



We are doing well with weekly reminders of what is going on and putting the committee details up on the board early helps.

Need to get some short bios etc on the website and facebook.

Can you please answer the questions on the email sent out a while ago.  ZF to resend the email.  Photos to be sent in with you and your child.



Request for new safety mats for new outdoor equipment.  They are around $3000 all up.  ZF to speak to AW to find the best grant company to apply to for this.



Not a lot to report.

Leaky skylight in the nursery, slippery when wet signs might be a good idea to buy.  The CCC came straight out and then fixed it quickly.



Murder Mystery - Sub committee having a catch up.  Need to start advertising it.

Actors in place, hall is booked, get funding for food, we have $300 from various supermarkets in vouchers.  A few families have indicated they are willing to help with the cost of the hall.  We have had a few auction prizes, one especially big that we need to set a reserve on.  Sub committee are going to ask local businesses for items/vouchers.  Staff to help on the night would be the preferred choice.  We need 2 or 3 to help in the kitchen. 90 tickets to sell in tables of 8.

Facebook event to be made.

ZF to email all local schools to go into their newsletter.



January - no policy

Separated Parents Policy - new policy


Resolution to move that we pass the new Separated Parents Policy.

Moved: Carly Waddleton

Seconded: Hayley Strachan



Weed spraying: Parents have complained about the smell from their spraying but the company have said that its organic based.  A parent is going to complain to CCC about it.



Monday 19th February 2018 at 7.30pm