Committee Meeting Minutes July 2018


Monday 16th July 2018

Meeting held at Moa Kids premises.


GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Steve Willcox (SW), Zoe Fidler (ZF), Jude Coombs (JC), Nicole Murphy (NM) and Rrita Xharra-Pope (RXP)

STAFF MEMBERS: Hayley Strachan (HS)


Carly Waddleton (CW), Shelly Mitchell (SM), Geraldine Bovett (GB), Letisha Derham (LD) and Geneva Pritchard (GP)


Manaakitia tenei hui

Manaakitia tenei roopu

Manaakitia tenei kaupapa

Arahina nga korero

Arahina nga patai

Arahina nga tikanga

Ka puta ai te marama


Bless this gathering

Bless this group

Bless this family

In their reasons for this gathering

Guide this discussion

Guide the questions

Guide us towards a greater understanding


From Committee Meeting June 2018

Moved: Jude Coombs

Seconded: Steve Willcox


Nothing to report.


Meeting put into Publically Excluded status at 7:35pm.  

Hayley Strachan

Meeting put back to Un-Publically Excluded status at 7:40pm

Hayley Strachan

The numbers have continued to grow in the centre with the waitlist also doing the same. We have three children having their last day these school holidays to head to school at the start of term 3. Two of these children are full timers and one child does 20 hours, we have replaced all their days already.

We have a lot of children heading off overseas this month and next. We have come to the time now that families need to either pay while they are away, or if they want to pull them out, there is no guarantee they will get the spot back. This of course it a big change for Moa Kids, a few families haven’t been over the moon, but this is procedure everywhere else you go to.  They still are entitled to three weeks at half price fees.

Zoe and I looked at some dates for fundraising events after the last committee meeting.  Zoe has drawn up a schedule until the end of the year. With Jude taking a step back while she super busy, Rrita has offered to help with fundraising events as well.

The school holiday program is working well again. We have had great feedback from families about this. Especially when the children have older siblings at home and they still want to come in.

Replacement for Sharon: Head teacher

Emily will be on maternity leave from late October to we will need a maternity leave position too.

We have a parent behaviour management evening. We have arranged two of the facilitators from the Incredible Years come out to run a workshop on Behaviour Management for Children Under 5.  These ladies are excellent and have huge knowledge around behaviour management. So please let any of your friends know that may be interested. They will just need to RSVP so we have enough adult chairs.

All teaching staff are heading to the ECE conference on Saturday 28th. It is here in Christchurch, so great for us all to be able to go along.

Christmas close: We of course close for two weeks, just confirming you are happy with close on Friday the 21st and reopen Monday 6th January.

NM asked about Kidsfirst’s new Mt Pleasant Kindy and if we foresee any issues of parents choosing to go there over us.  HS replied that she doesn’t see any issues with Mt P Kindy (8.30 - 2.30 from aged 2, 30 ECE hours)

JC asked if an event has been set up on FB for the Parent workshop with Incredible Years (Tues 24th @ 7pm).  ZF to set this up.


Hrs funded per day = ave 295 hrs per day.  Budget is 288 hrs per day.  We are beating budget.  We are in a really good funding position.

Hrs funded per staff hour, we are again reasonably consistent.  June last year 225 now at 297 and averaging that so still about ⅓ ahead of where we were last year.  Really consistent ratio.

June accounts -

We are $6,439 down on budget, on the month we are down $9,559 but there is overspending on a few areas, namely relievers.  Should these expenses not have occurred then we would be on budget.



Bunnings came out and made the a planter box with the children.  They also provided soil and seeds.

Strengthening Communities

We still haven’t heard anything from the Council.  As soon as we find out I’ll let you know.

Hayley is to look at what else the centre want to aim to get with a grant.  Storage, cameras for teachers, iPods and docks etc.


3 new lights in sleep room which have been replaced by the CCC.

Roof has been fixed.


Beeswax Wraps & Kai Carriers - Mon 23rd July - Fri 3rd Aug

We will be selling these from the centre.  The beeswax wraps are locally made and the Kai carriers have been sold with us before.

Disco - Fri 3rd August (4.30-6.00)

This is going to be held at Moa Kids this year.  Gold coin donation, with option to purchase sausages and flashing toys.

Photography Fundraiser - Mon 3rd to Fri 7th Sept

Zoe will be in all week taking photos (working around office jobs).

Cake Stall at Mt Pleasant market - Sat 8th Sept

We are going to ask parents to bring in cakes.  We will also need a couple of people to help man the stall.

Quiz Night - Sat 29th Sept

This will be held at Moa Kids.  Rrita is running this event and will be communicating with Sally.

Winnebagoes Ferrymead - Sunday 28th October @ 5pm

This is all booked.  We are aiming to sell 40 - 80 tickets, children can come along too.  


Term 3 we will be working on the calendars with the children with an aim to finish them up for ordering mid October.

ZF to do up posters for various events.


May - Health & Safety Workplace Management

June - Injury & Illness Management

July - Emergency procedures



We have received an email from Jordana with the following message:

I would have liked to support the team more over the last 2 years however with work commitments and Chris in Dunedin most Monday’s it has been near impossible to make it work.  So, with this in mind, I will officially resign from the committee as a member and wish you all the best.  I’m thrilled you have a great team to support the centre going forward and have no doubt Moa Kids will go from strength to strength.

We would like to extend our thanks to Jordana for all of the hard work and commitment that she has put into the Committee over the last 6 years.  She was our treasurer for many years and dealt with the financial side admirably.

Graffiti (ZF)

ZF submitted a “snap send solve” request to the CCC for this to be removed.  It has since been cleaned off.

Pest Control (HS)

Company came.  There is activity in the roof, it isn’t a quick fix.  They have put heavy duty traps in the roof.


Monday 20th August 2018 at 7.30pm