Committee Meeting Minutes June 2021



21 June 2021

Held at Moa Kids premises



GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Kylie Boivin (KB), Lauren Gill (LG), Steve Willcox (SW), Sarah Milne (SM), Geneva Pritchard (GP), Steve Liew (SL), Charlotte Till  (CT), Sam Duggan (SD),   Simone Schwoerer (SS), Fran Hook (FH),



STAFF MEMBERS: Hayley Strachan (HS), Rachael Black (RB)



Apologies:      Rebecca Baigent (RB),  Richard Withy (RW), Hannah Williams (HW), Mel Saunders (MS), Niamh Buchannan (NB), Shay


Non-member presence:   



Manaakitia tenei hui

Manaakitia tenei roopu

Manaakitia tenei kaupapa

Arahina nga korero

Arahina nga patai

Arahina nga tikanga

Ka puta ai te marama

Bless this gathering

Bless this group

Bless this family

In their reasons for this gathering

Guide this discussion

Guide the questions

Guide us towards a greater understanding



 Agenda Notes





Minutes from previous meeting are true and correct.

Moved by: Geneva Pritchard (GP),

Seconded by: Kylie Boivin (KB), 





Governance Committee Expectations Outlined

  • Primary role is to support our manager Hayley
  • Represent the parents’ voice.
  • Reflect our community and our values.
  • Discuss the same agenda, financial report and policies, health and safety.
  • Introductions of different roles.
  • Teacher representatives on the committee.


Fundraising Target: $15,000

  • Hayley and Kylie suggest creating a fundraising sub-committee to support our fundraising goals.








Last month we had our AGM. A big thank you all the new members who joined and to the members who took a role. Moa Kids needs an active governance committee to be successful. So, a big thank you. 

COVID-19 update:

We remain at alert level 1.

We are expecting the teachers to come up shortly on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.  Some staff that have already had it. We are giving the teachers the day off to get this done, this is so that they can easily get to the appointment and if not they are not feeling 100% afterwards, they have the day to recover.  We are also recording this information in the office. We feel giving our teachers the full day is an additional way we can look after the well-being of the team.

Centre Numbers:

We had a lot of children head to school at the start of May. Schools in the area are now only doing two intakes a term. While this is good in some aspects, children stay at Moa longer, it also means we lose several children at once. They seem to be 4- 5-day week children.

The preschool is full, so, at this stage I need to focus on nursery enrolments.  Nursery children tend to start with small sessions and build up. So, I’m currently trying to balance this in the best way.


With the winter months, I have noticed a lot for bugs around this year. We have had a lot of staff absent on sick leave already. I have been really firm on families making sure they are keeping their children off if they are unwell. So I am making sure this continues onto the teaching team as well.


Steve will go into this more with the accounts, but the auditor was in a few weeks back. She wanted to comment on a few things for us. She said she thought that the way we handled, documented and carried ourselves through COVID-19 was the best she had seen.  Which was great to hear, as she has been auditing a lot of preschools.  Always good to hear we are on track when it comes to these things. 


New funding information:

As you may have seen the government made an announcement for the Budget around funding for ECE services. Their plan is to fund the first 6 steps to be in line with the kindergarten. This is going to be an opt in or opt out situation.

Now, Steve and I are having a meeting this Friday to go through this. However, unfortunately despite the increased funding, there is going to be a huge shortfall after the pay rises. But hopefully come Monday, Steve and I will be able to go through this in  a little more detail for you.  This does worry me moving forward, however we can discuss this more at the meeting.


Kylie, Hayley and Steve have decided to opt in in their meeting. Parent fees will need to increase to accommodate this.



Well-being: With well-being for our team, being a big part of our annual planning the last few years, I thought it would be a good idea to have something coming into the winter months.  So last Monday we had Alicia Mabey come around and do a  refresh/reset on well-being going into the winter months. It’s always great to have the team do PLD together as I feel everyone then starts to get on the same page. Even though Alicia is not ECE based, she had some great tools for us going into the winter months. The team were buzzing after wards, so it was well worth it.

Leadership: With Shay stepping into the leadership role, she is working closely with Karen from Interlead education.

Hayley and Rachael have been to ERO POLD around the new Te Ara Poutama, which is the new document ERO use to review services. We have been working with and unpacking this document for the last few months. We feel this is a good refresher for us and points us in the right direction moving forward

Children Disco:

The children disco is always a big highlight on the preschool calendar. Last year due to COVID we weren’t able to have it. It will be back better than ever this year. We also use this as a fundraiser. So, it is a gold coin donation to get in and we will sell food and glow like toys at the shop. We will get parents to help as well. This has been put down for Friday 23rd July

Outcomes for Children:

Both rooms are working on the same  focus this term:

Strand 3: Contribution: Children learn with and alongside others, developing a range of skills and strategies to play and learn alongside others

The preschool have turned this into their current project.


Hayley, Steve and Kylie to meet and discuss parent fee increase.

New hourly rate and capped rate to be decided.





Financial statement for May attached.

Steve run through the financial statement with further explanation for new committee members.

Cohort intakes

  • Cohorts are now used for children starting school. This is reflected in the monthly reports.


Moved by:  Simone Schwoerer (SS)

Seconded by:  Sarah Milne (SM)


Approval of Accounts for year to 31 March 2021

Annual Accounts for year to 31 March 2021 attached.


Moved by:  Kylie Boivin

Seconded by:  Lauren Gill


Hayley and Steve to sign and file accounts.




Pete has come to certify the playground.

Some small changes to be made then the playground will be certified.








Sub-committee to be established to focus on fundraising. Fundraising meetings will be used to brainstorm and plan fundraising events. Geneva will then report these plans back to the Committee.



Cost of Disco to be reviewed.

Discussion to post up the landscape plans to show what the money is going towards.

Moa parent is donating lights and bubble machine etc.


Boxing Fundraiser

Boxing and beers on a Friday night for $20 pp.

25 people

Beers and Wine and Snacks to sell.


Lauren to email committee members to encourage everyone to step forward to create a fundraising sub-committee.



Grants (GP)

Nothing to report






Separated Parents Policy


Health & Safety for Children Policy

Suggestion of adding statement to  provide the new food guidelines on enrolment due to the change in HS22.


Hazard Management Procedures Policy


Health & Safety Workplace Management Policy


Moved by: Hayley Strachan (HS)

Seconded by:   Lauren Gill (LG)

New food guidelines link to be added into the enrolment forms.












19 July 2021