Committee Meeting Minutes November 2018


Monday 19th November 2018

Meeting held at Moa Kids premises.


GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Carly Waddleton (CW), Steve Willcox (SW), Zoe Fidler (ZF), Geraldine Bovett (GB), Rrita Xharra-Pope (RP), Shelley Mitchell (SM), Nicole Murphy (NM) telephoned in

STAFF MEMBERS: Hayley Strachan (HS) & Letisha Derham (LD)

Apologies:       Jude Coombs (JC) & Abi Wills (AB)


Manaakitia tenei hui

Manaakitia tenei roopu

Manaakitia tenei kaupapa

Arahina nga korero

Arahina nga patai

Arahina nga tikanga

Ka puta ai te marama

Bless this gathering

Bless this group

Bless this family

In their reasons for this gathering

Guide this discussion

Guide the questions

Guide us towards a greater understanding


From Committee Meeting October 2018

Moved: Carly Waddleton

Seconded: Geraldine Bovett


Thank you to the committee for contributing, its great to have such a different skillset amongst us. Thank you also to the teachers and staff for all your hard work.


Firstly the supper is from the teachers, to say thank you to the committee for all your hard work this year.

Emily had a we boy on Friday. His name is Benjamin. She and baby are both well.

It has been a busy month at Moa Kids. We are winding down for 2018. The children are busy preparing for the children’s Xmas party.

The teachers have their Xmas party on Saturday 1st December. Which includes a meal and an activity at the Escape Rooms.

We are now at the stage where children are leaving for school. I’m not able to replace these until next year. As I need nursery children to take on these spots and no one wants these places until January.

There is a family picking up casual spots, so our funding hours will go down in mid November/December


Terehia is off until at least the start of January. (Letisha will explain in the health and safety report)

Deb is off for an operation on Monday 10th, so she won’t be back unit January as well.

Zoe off on leave from the 7th December while she heads off overseas.  She is back on Monday 14th Jan.

We are closing at 5pm Friday 21st and will reopen on Monday 7th at 8am

The working bee went really well; we got done what we needed and more. So this was great. I think we will pencil on of these in every year.

We have the fair on this Sunday. We are looking for helpers in 1 hour slots like last year. We will sell the plough dough and bubbles and do face painting again. All $2 each. Again this is more just to be a present in at the fair and keep strengthen our relationship with the school

We have ordered new resources and they have started to arrive. This is from the fundraising events over the last few months. There are water play toys for the preschool and new teepee’s for the nursery.


Income statement - Govt Funding is ahead of budget.  HS has beaten the 300 hours per day average for October - that’s almost 100% full.

We are looking really good.  There isn’t anything particularly adverse.  

Operating costs: advanced payments for Christmas party with Melanie Poppins etc.

Staff expenses: We are below budget but we remain fully accrued for holiday pay and wages not yet paid through the payroll.  It’s more of a budgeting issue than an actual issue.

$7k up on budget for the month but we remain down on budget annually.  All cash is on term investment in total $280k out of about $350k.

Bonus Bonds have been cleared and paid back to the business.


Rata Foundation

Concern for teachers laptops and the running of them.  He thinks if we are going for a grant we need to go for new teachers laptops to upgrade because of safety issues.  AW will work on the wording.  We can get antiviruses free being a not for profit organisations. We are overdue this anyway so if we can’t get the grant then we need to seriously look at this anyway.

We will need policies written for taking laptop home.


Terehia had an accident last Monday at the centre.  She went off balance when playing with children.  She tripped on some mobilo.  She will be off work for a minimum of 6 weeks, Moa Kids have sent her some flowers.  Terehia’s husband has been doing a great job.  HS and LD have been in contact with both Terehia and her husband and will remain so.  

All of the staff walked up to the evacuation house on Moncks Bay Road during a staff meeting.  This was to establish the exact route and to make sure that they could get to the house from the tracks. The teachers all managed the tracks with ease and know exactly where to go should there be an emergency.

There has been a “Moa” missing from the sliding door.  This has now been replaced.

Following the working bee, we now have extra shelving in place on the resource room and the outdoor storage shed has been changed around which gives more space for the teachers.


RP and HS to have a catch up.


Governance Management & Administration: Communication

Approved Carly Waddleton

Seconded Hayley Strachan

Governance Management & Administration: Enrolment

Approved Carly Waddleton

Seconded Steve Willcox

Governance Management & Administration: Complaints

Approved Carly Waddleton

Seconded Geraldine Bovett

Governance Management and Administration: Parent Information

Approved Carly Waddleton

Seconded Shelley Mitchell


Approved Carly Waddleton

Seconded Rrita Pope


Spraying: CW has contacted the company and asked them to let us know whenever they are coming out.

Immunisations for staff: Staff are going to go to their doctors.  One teacher doesn’t know and isn’t willing to get immunised on a couple of them.  If an illness came into the centre and she wasn’t immunised would she get paid?  Advice would need to be sought on that one.

ZF has contacted the Council regarding the broken grate outside of the school gates (by the ramp) and they will aim to fix it all up over the weekend so they don’t disturb us during working hours.


Monday 28th January 2019 at 7.30pm