Committee Meeting Minutes September 2017


Monday 18th September 2017

Meeting held at Moa Kids premises


GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Carly Waddleton (CW), Steve Willcox (SW), Zoe Fidler (ZF), Jude Coombs (JC), Rrita Xharra-Pope (RXP), Abigail Wills (AW), Geraldine Bovett (GB), and Jordana Clarke (JClarke)

STAFF MEMBERS: Hayley Strachan (HS)

Non-committee member:          Geneva Pritchard

Apologies:       Shelley Mitchell (SM) and Letisha Derham (LD)



Manaakitia tenei hui

Manaakitia tenei roopu

Manaakitia tenei kaupapa

Arahina nga korero

Arahina nga patai

Arahina nga tikanga

Ka puta ai te marama


Bless this gathering

Bless this group

Bless this family

In their reasons for this gathering

Guide this discussion

Guide the questions

Guide us towards a greater understanding



From Committee Meeting August 2017

Approved true and correct - Carly Waddleton

Seconded - Hayley Strachan



Fruit trees - a Park Ranger is coming out to see Hayley to see where a good place is to put the trees.  The CCC do have some free trees that we can have.

Thank you to Zoe for doing the photos for the fundraising.

Well done to the staff in the way you have coped so well with the huge increase in numbers.

There is going to be a change in the way the Strengthening Communities Fund is dealt with, so there is a review.  Well done on getting it for this year.



As you will see in the numbers we are just continuing to grow.  We are constantly having families come around and I have lost count on how many show rounds we are doing. Again this month we have had 8 children start and two off to school. We are also at the stage we have waitlist on days and parents pre book in months in advance together.

We are now at the stage where we may need another teacher. On top of the one we are trying to find now. However ill will just hold back on asking for this, as I need to get my head around how it will look.

We have offered the position to Terehia. Which is exciting. I think she will be a great fit to the team. She verbally said yes, but we are just sorting contracts. So will let you all know when it is a done deal.

Also I just want you all to know, even though I have been spending a lot of time supporting on the floor and any time in the office I’m dealing with things that just pop up on that day or that week.  But we are on track with our internal review and also strategic planning. When the new teacher comes on board, I will be changing rosters around. I will be putting myself on early each day. This is for two reason, I’m really working from 6am most days, when staff start calling in and coming out early sets the centre up ready for the day and I also get a 10000 things down as I normally come out early anyway.

Last meeting we talked about making a weekend date for a working bee. Everyone we looked at seem to have something on in the area or I was away on the others. So when I have a few minutes I was going to see if I can list a few of the jobs on the Timebank and see if that may work. Then if not book in a date now for early next year so parents know. I also think moving forward, I wonder if we sit down at the start of the year and come up with some calendar with events we are planning. As it seems trying to find date a month or 6 weeks out is hard.  JCoombs suggested looking into putting a grill of some sort over the guttering so that it can’t fill with leaves.

I am off this week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for a leadership course. Letisha will be the lady to see while I am away. Although I will continue to read my emails and check in. Also not feeling a hundred today, so depending on how I am in the morning, I might be in bed resting before being away.



25% up on budget in the month and 17% cumulatively.  Nearly $16k up for the month and nearly $40 for the year against budget.

Staff cost wasn’t too bad, above on relievers.  We are only $7k above budget on wages which is pretty good considering we are high on children.

Very good month.  Well done team.



No issues apart from the staffing.



We are doing well with weekly reminders of what is going on and putting the committee details up on the board early helps.

Need to get some short bios etc on the website and facebook.

AW & ZF will get together to sort out questions for committee members to answer.



Strengthening Communities Grant - we got it!!  As Carly said there is a review that is going to be gone through next round.

Rata Foundation - This has been submitted and received by Rata Foundation.  Now we wait!!

Mainland Foundation - We were declined this for stretcher beds, sheet sets and stretcher bed trolley as they have no game machines in this area.  

AW & ZF will get together to sort through and figure out which organisations are the best to apply to.



Emergency Evacuation cards have been handed out with great feedback.  Looking for donations to add to the pack.  Vests are to be sorted for the children.  Ken and Mullion are happy to have us up there and will store the box for us.

The fort is on the radar as it is very close to the fence.  Some of the older boys are quite keen on getting close to the fence when they are on the fort.  We may have to look into moving this but w are monitoring it.



Murder Mystery - CCC were contacted about a date in February but the Sumner Community Centre needs to be completely empty by 10pm so that is a no go for us as we won’t have time to hold the event and tidy up by then.

Mt Pleasant Community Hall has availability for all of Feb and March on a Sat night.  They charge $35 per hour total.  They have everything we would need.  They seat about 100.  They have 12 trestle tables. We are looking at 10th March 2018.  Room and carpark have to be clear by 12pm and then tidy up needs to be done by 1am.  JCoombs will speak to the lady and see about booking a room too for the cast to use.

ZF to set up a fundraising email address so that people can use this.

Winnebagoes (12th Nov) & Sumner Cinema.  JCoombs to contact these to see if they have availability.

CW spoke to Flip Out and they are keen to help out a community group.  They can cater for preschoolers.  We need to sort out a date.

AW suggested clip & climb as a fundraising event. This might be a good winter event.



Child Protection - September for review

Separated Parents Policy - new policy

MoE have recommended the wording.

CW wants feedback on the highlighted area.

Unanimous agreement that it is well worded and covers everything.  MoE are happy with it.

Will stay in draft for people to keep reviewing for the next month.



Incorporated Society

1 new member and 2 resigned members.  All approved.

Redcliffs School Fair

We have been asked to hold a stall here.  Shall we sell something?  Suggestions of: playdough, bubbles, face painting etc.  Will price up items to see if we can get bubbles cheap.



Monday 16th October 2017 at 7.30pm