February 2019

Who would believe that we are in our second month for 2019!

What a fantastic summer we have had.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful holiday break.  It is nice to see everyone returned fresh for 2019.  This year we have decided to do a newsletter once a month; so we will be sending it out during the last week of each month.

I seem to have said this each time but again we have had a busy couple of months with lots of new children and families joining Moa Kids.  We would like to say a big welcome to you all. Everyone is settling in so well and making the most of their time with us.

Very exciting news: Moa Kids is now full for all day and morning sessions in both the nursery and preschool rooms.  We even have a growing waitlist.  This is great news for us all, but with this means our flexibility on extra days and times is not as easy as it was.  Please make sure you call or email if you want extra hours/casual days, as turning up might mean we have to say no when you arrive.  With our numbers continuing to grow it is very important that all families let us know if they are going to be away, sick or on leave as there maybe someone waiting to for a session that day.

Some families choose to send their children to school at 5 and some choose for their children to stay on a little longer, this of course is fine.  However with the centre now full and our waitlist continuing to grow, it is really important that you let me know if you want your child to stay after they turn 5. If this is the case, can you please let me know so I can plan for them in our numbers.

Lots of our families have new babies and in the past getting in has been a breeze.  However, this is not now the case. So if you are wanting siblings in, please make sure you give me as much notice as possible.

If you are waiting on extra days, please make sure you come in and see me to make sure we have what you are wanting.  We have 20 children heading off to school this year so spaces will come up. I like to make sure everyone gets the days they need first, before I head to the waitlist.

Over the last few months a few of our children have changed days, hours and times.  Anytime that we do a change in the system, we have to get you to sign for this. This is a funding requirement from MOE.  Please make sure you see Zoe or me in the office to sign the form.  If your child is turning three soon, it is important that we get all the right documentation for your child’s 20 ECE hours or in Moa Kids case 30 ECE hours.  Please make sure you see Zoe or me to do this.

We seem to continue to have an issue with collecting a large pile of lost property at Moa Kids. Can parents please make sure that they check the lost property on a regular basis and also name all clothing that comes into the centre, even shoes J

Terehia has started her slow journey back into work. We are hoping to have her back full time by the end of next month.

At Moa Kids we do not charge any additional cost for our 30 ECE funded hours when your child turns three.  We have a weekly $10 donation fee that is optional.  We set this up as a donation, so families can claim back at tax time.  If your child is three and you are not paying the donation and would like to, please let us know, so we can add this into your fortnightly account. With us being a not-for-profit organisation the $10 donation per week really helps out Moa Kids and goes a long way in helping us provide high quality care and education.

With Moa Kids being a non-for-profit, registered and incorporated society we are required to have an active Governance Committee in place who help us meet both legal requirements, strategic goals around finance, policy, fundraising and community networking.

We are always looking for volunteers to come on board onto our committee.  Becoming a member is easy and you would be surprised on how much you can offer. If you think this may be something you could be interested in, please don’t hesitate to come and have a chat with me or any current Committee member.  Everyone is also welcome to come along to any of our committee meetings to see what it is all about.  These are on the third Monday of every month at 7.30pm here at the centre.

Also, if you a looking for a good read, we have a “Governance Committee” booklet, that you can pick up from the office. This explains everything to do with the Governance Committee J

Also, with Moa being a not-for-profit community based centre, fundraising events are very important part of our life.  It is really important these events are supported by all our families. Zoe has created a calendar for the year which was circulated last week.  We also have them displayed around the centre for your information.  Please pencil all these events into your diary.

Our first event is the Quiz evening and it is just around the corner.  We need to sell 120 tickets for this.  We have so many more families now at Moa, so hopefully this will be a breeze. J Let’s see if everyone can sort a team.  You may not be able to make it, but grandparents, family members or work colleagues may be interested. The more the merrier.

Just a reminder that my door is always open and if there is any issue or something you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to come see me.

Thanks Hayley

Welcome to our new families

A big welcome to Freddy, Maisie, Milo, Natalia and Rithvi who have all started in the nursery over the past couple of months.  It’s great to have you all join the Moa Kids family.


We have said goodbye and Happy School Days to Louis.  We hope his next learning adventure is a fun one.

Staff News

With our numbers continuing to grow we have decided it time to bring on another preschool teacher.  We are excited to announce that Rebecca Guthrie will be moving into this position.  Rebecca is in her last year of study to become a teacher.  

Ali will be moving into the Domestic role and Kat who has been a reliever for some time will be stepping into the support teacher role.  We are excited about the new changes.

We have a new student from Hagley Community College starting with us this term. Her name is Olivia Patterson. She will be working in the preschool room and Shay will be her support teacher. Olivia will be in on Wednesdays.


  • Moa Kids is a “nut free” zone.  Lately we have been noticing a lot of nut products coming in cashews, almonds, peanut butter sandwiches etc.  Please can you remember that we are a nut free zone when you are making your child’s lunch. 
  • We know that plastic bags are very rare now, but if you do have any spare lying around your house, we will gladly take them off your hands.
  • Have you moved house recently or got a new landline/mobile number?  If so, please update the office with your new details.
  • If your child is down to go on an excursion can you please make sure that your child has good walking shoes either on them or in their bag.
  • Please make sure that you have packed a named sunhat and lots of spare named clothes for your child as we have lots of water play outside.
  • Please make sure that your child comes in with sunscreen on.  We have a bottle in the preschool that you are welcome to use.  We will reapply sunscreen throughout the day.  If you have a particular cream that you would like your child to use, please make sure you provide this and write your child’s name on it.

Governance Committee

Our next Governance Committee meeting is on Monday 18th March.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The meeting will start at 7.30 and is held in the preschool room.

Nursery News

We have welcomed a numbers of new children into the nursery this month. We are looking forward to getting to know the children and their families better.

We have stated a wall display in the nursery that shows where everyone is from. We feel your language, heritage, and culture are such an important part of your child’s life, so we want to make sure we reflect on this and also celebrate it.

After our holiday break we set up a holiday wall display. We have had some wonderful photos come in and it looks like there has been lots of summer fun had by all.

We are extending these summer activities into the nursery environment with lots of water play, putting the tent out, sand castle making and lots more.

There has been a large interest in physical activities and play this month. To help build upon the children’s body control and co-ordination, we have been providing a number of opportunities for the children to strengthen and further develop in this area. We provide balls, climbing equipment, bikes and lots more.

We have had a few of our good friends start their transition programme into the preschool environment.

Silvia, Quinn and Eleanor have had a wonderful transition from the nursery into the preschool environment. We have a seven week transition process; however the children lead their own transition, so we really go off the needs of the individual child. It has been great seeing how confident they all have been. As always the water and art area are always popular with the transitioning children.

We have a transition board set up in the nursery, with lots of photos showing you what the children get up in the preschool and more importantly all the fun they are having.

Preschool News

After our holiday break we set up and holiday wall display, even though it seems months ago now that we were on our holidays!  We have had some wonderful photos come in and it looks like there has been lots of summer fun had by all. The children like to go up and point out to their friends what they got up to.

On the last week of last year we were super lucky to have Marley’s mum, Geneva, come in and show us the layering technique of painting she uses. The children certainly took this on board, as they used the method themselves at the art table.

Our current project in the preschool room is “The body”. This has been an interest of a number of children.  Please remember if we are doing a project topic, that you can help with. We would love you to come in and talk to the children. Just let one of the teachers know.

We certainly have a few keen bakers at Moa Kids. The children are always keen to whip up a tasty snack. Anytime there is baking happening in the classroom, there is never enough room at the table. If there is a recipe that is popular with your children at home, we would love to have a copy of it.

Well didn’t the preschool smell lovely on Valentine’s day?  We had so many children bring in beautiful flowers from their own garden. At mat time that day we did a compliment circle. Where the children had the chance to say something nice about one another around the circle.

Louis decided to have a dinosaur day for his last day theme. Wow this certainly was a hit with the children. There was fossil making, the children got to be palaeontologists and help dig little dinosaurs out of the ice and other fun games that the teachers organised.

This beautiful warm weather has meant lots and lots of water play. The children at Moa just love water play and will take any opportunity to explore with it.  Our sprinklers of course are always a huge hit.

Dolphin Club News

Dolphin club is back in to full swing after the holiday break. Terehia and Shay are both stepping into this role again this year.

This year we have many of our children turning 5 and starting their journey at school. So we will be focussing on our transition to school.  We have been setting dolphin club up with stations, just like school.  This is working really well and the children enjoy exploring each station.  We have had classroom monitors, the children have been loving having this responsibility.  They help with the set up on the different stations.  We have also been working on the children’s pencil grip.

We have organised two school visits for this term. One to Redcliffs and one to Sumner. We will aim to do this each term.

Our language this term is NZ Sign Language. The children have been very quick to pick up the different signs.  We have been learning greetings, songs and colours.

We also have been continuing to learn our self regulation exercises.

Our project topic is “The body”.  We will start extending this project in the dolphin club. If you anything that may help us with this project or work in this area please see Shay.

Make sure you come in the dolphin club room and check out all put work we have been doing

What’s on?

Keep an eye on your emails for a full list of events we have coming up.  There will also be event calendars around the preschool.

Quiz Night

Get your teams of up to 8 together for a fun night of questions. 

Where:  Good Food Ferrymead

When: Sunday 31st March

Time: 6:30pm onwards

Cost: $10 per person

Children’s corner

Have you been away somewhere exciting and you want to let everyone know, or have you got a new person in your family?  Please send a few details to Zoe and she’ll put a little piece in the “children’s corner” section.

Recycling Programme at Moa Kids

Moa Kids are taking part in a recycling programme with The Collective Suckies Spouches (yoghurt pouches), caps, tubs, packaging and yoghurt tubes.  There is a bin in the kitchen to drop all clean pouches into.  For every 1kg we collect, we get $1 to donate to a charity of our choice.  We have chosen to donate to Plunket.  So, the more we collect, the better for Plunket.

Please note that it is the Collective packaging only.  Please share with your friends and ask them to drop their empty packaging to us at Moa Kids.

Note from Zoe

Welcome back to Moa Kids everyone, it’s been so great to see you all and hear about your holidays and adventures.

We had an amazing holiday in the UK with our family over Christmas.  We managed a trip to Paris with our girls and climbed to the very top of the Eiffel Tower.  We also went to London for the day to see the sights.  The whole holiday was a very magical time.

Now we are back we have managed to get our tent out and go camping together to make the most of this beautiful weather.  We also adopted 3 little kittens a couple of weeks ago, their names are Luna, Skye and Clover.  They are very mischevious!

So 2019 has started with a bang and my big girls are now back at school so I’m back to working my normal hours at Moa Kids.  I can’t believe that Cassie starts school this year!  Where is the time going?

In other news, I’m really excited about this year for Moa Kids, it’s going to be another great one.  We have the Quiz coming up at the end of March and there are a few things in the pipelines for the coming months.  If you are interested in finding out what these are, pop along to our next Governance Committee meeting on the 18th March at 7.30.

Lunchbox Ideas

Sundried tomato and feta muffins


1 cup plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup sundried tomato (roughly chopped)

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tbs mixed dried herbs

1/2 cup feta (crumbled)

1 cup tasty cheese (grated)

1 egg (lightly beaten)

1/2 cup water

1/4 cup milk

1/2 cup sundried tomato oil


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Spray a muffin tray with canola spray and set aside.
  2. In a bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, feta, tasty cheese, mixed herbs, sundried tomatoes and salt and pepper.
  3. In a jug, combine the egg, milk, water and tomato oil.
  4. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and using a spatula, carefully mix until all ingredients are just combined.
  5. Spoon into muffin tin and bake 15 minutes.


Teacher profile: Sharleen Croker

Kia ora 

I graduated in 2001 with my Diploma in Teaching (E.C.E).

Since graduating I have been teaching children in the Preschool age group (2-5 years) and have been at Moa Kids since June 2013.

I'm passionate about preschool education and the learn through play philosophy. 

I have many interests outside of preschool including cooking/baking, reading, playing netball and crafts.

In 2017 my partner and I welcomed our little girl Silvia into the world. Silvia is lucky enough to come along to Moa Kids with me and spend her time in the nursery room.

Governance Committee profile:

Name: Shelley Mitchell

What is your connection with Moa Kids?

My daughter Ella who is 2 is in the preschool 2 days a week & my son Jan is in the nursery.

What role do you fill on the Committee?

I am a Committee Member so I attend the monthly meetings

What do you enjoy most about volunteering your time for Moa Kids?

It is interesting to hear what goes on behind the scenes & to be involved in fundraising & help with the planning of these events. It is also good to meet other parents. 

What have been your highlights from your time as part of the Committee?

I have only been on the committee for a few months & during that time I had our son so I am looking forward to getting more involved this year & helping out with future events as time allows.