January & February 2018

On my first day back I received an email from Education Review Office (ERO), informing me that we will be up for review for term one, which is a positive thing for Moa Kids. ERO reviews are completed every 3 years.  We will send out a letter in the next few weeks explaining the process and also what ERO does while they are here.  So in the next few months, you will see me and the teachers making sure we are up to date with our paper work J They will be in the centre the week of the 23rd April. Who would believe that we are at the end of February already.  What a fantastic summer we have had!  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful holiday break. It’s so nice to see everyone returned fresh for 2018. I certainly had a great time in Ireland, but am excited to be back and see what 2018 has in store for Moa Kids.

Very exciting news, Moa Kids is now full for full day and morning sessions in both the nursery and preschool rooms. We even have a growing waitlist.  This is great news for us all.  However, with this means, it means our flexibility on extra days and times is not as easy as it was.  Please just make sure you call or email, as turning up for extra days now, might mean we have to turn you away.  With our numbers continuing to grow it is very important that all families let us know if you are going to be away, sick or on leave as there may be someone waiting to for a session that day.

I seem to have said this each time but again we have had a busy couple of months with lots of new children and families joining Moa Kids.  We would like to say a big welcome to you all. Everyone is settling in so well and making the most of their time with us.

Some families choose to send their children to school at 5 and some choose for their children to stay on a little longer. This of course is fine, however with the centre now full and our waitlist continuing to grow, it is really important that, if you want your child to stay after they turn 5, to let me know.  Just so we can plan for them in our numbers.

Lots of our families have new babies and in the past getting in has been a breeze.  However, this is not the case now.  If you are wanting siblings in, please make sure you give me as much notice as possible.

Over the last few months a few of our children have changed days, hours and times.  Anytime that we do a change in the system, there will be a form for you to sign for this. This is a funding requirement from MOE.  Please make sure you see Zoe or me in the office to do this.  With the Easter Break and school holidays fast approaching, please let us know if you are going to be away.

If your child is turning three soon, it is important that we get all the right documentation for your child’s 20 ECE hours or in Moa Kids case, 30 ECE hours.  Please make sure you see Zoe or me for this.

Thank you to all the families that came and helped with the sand a few weeks back.  It looks fantastic and the children have been loving it!

We seem to continue to have an issue with collecting a large pile of lost property at Moa Kids.  Can you please make sure that you check the lost property on a regular basis and also try and name all clothing that comes into the centre, even shoes J

With our numbers continuing to grow we have decided it is time to bring on a third teacher for the nursery. We are excited to announce that Deb Croker was successful in this position.  Deb has been a teacher for many years and brings with her a lot of experience and knowledge. . We feel she will be a great asset to our team.  We are excited to have her start from Monday 9th April.

At Moa Kids we do not charge any additional cost for our 30 ECE funded hours when your child turns three.  We have a weekly $10 donation fee that is optional.  We set this up as a donation so families can claim back at tax time.  If your child is three and you are not paying the donation and would like to please let us know, so we can add this onto your fortnightly account.  With us being a not for profit organisation the $10 donation per week really helps out Moa Kids and goes a long way in helping us provide high quality care and education.

With Moa Kids being a non-for-profit, registered and incorporated society we are required to have an active Governance Committee in place who help us meet both legal requirements, strategic goals around finance, policy, fundraising and community networking.

We are always looking for volunteers to come onboard the committee. Becoming a member is easy and you would be surprised how much you can offer.  If you think this may be something you could be interested in, please don’t hesitate to come and have a chat with me.  Everyone is also welcome to come along to any of our committee meetings to see what it is all about. These are on the third Monday of every Month, 7.30pm here at the centre.

Also if you a looking for a good read, we have a “Governance Committee” booklet that you can pick up from the office.  This explains everything to do with the “Governance Committee” J  There is also a Governance Committee display in the foyer where you can see a little of what we do and the dates of the upcoming meetings.

Our Murder Mystery evening is just around the corner.  We are low on Moa Kids parents this year.  We do still have a few tickets left so if you are free on the 10th March, we would love your support.  It is a great night and a great way to support Moa Kids.  If you can’t make it, there are still ways to help.  We are looking for families to make desserts, there is a list by the sign in sheet in the foyer.

Please write down your name and the dessert you would like to bring.  Also, we are selling raffle tickets, there are some fantastic prizes that have been donated by local organisations.  We have some pretty amazing auction items too.  If you would like to bid on the auction prizes, you can put in your sealed bid to Jude (fundraising@moakids.org.nz).

As part our internal evaluation. We are doing a review on Respect and what that looks like at Moa Kids.  I would love your input. We are currently handing out a parent surveys on this so if you have a spare minute please fill it out and get it back to us.  Thank you is advance J

Just a reminder that my door is always open and if there is any issue or something you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to come see me. 

Have a great week


Welcome to our new families

A big welcome to Quinn, Eleanor, Ngaio, Gruffydd, Charlie, Alex and Rose.  All of our new friends have started over the past two months.  It’s great to have you all join the Moa Kids family.


Rosie, Brendon, Luana and Lachie have all turned 5 and headed off to school.  We wish them all the best on their next learning adventures.

Staff News

Sharleen will return back to 5 days a week after the Easter break.  

Ali will be every day from 8am -2pm after Easter, picking up extra hours when teachers are away.

Emily starts full time hours in the nursery this week. Her teacher registration has come through.  So she is now a provisional registered teacher. A huge congratulations to Emily for all her hard work.

Letisha is off of Reggio Professional Development next week.


  • Moa Kids is a “nut” free zone.  Lately we have been noticing a lot of nut products coming in cashews, almonds, peanut butter sandwiches etc. Please can you remember that we are a nut free zone when you are making your child’s lunch. We now have a child with a nut allergy, so this is now more important.
  • Have you moved house recently or got a new landline/mobile number?  If so, please update the office with your new details.
  • If you have any spare plastic bags. We would love to take them off your hands. We can never have too many.
  • Can all families please be aware of the change of season.  Should the day be warm, please apply sunblock to your child; if it’s cold, please ensure there are layers in their bag.  Also, it’s great practice to have both a named sunhat and winter hat in your child’s bag at this time of year.  Please ensure all clothing is named.  Also, if it’s raining a little a raincoat and gumboots are essential so your child can still head outside for some fresh air.
  • If there is a particular sunblock you would like them to have, please make sure you provide this.

Governance Committee

Our next Governance Committee meeting is on Monday 19th March.  The amount of time that we ask of you is quite a manageable commitment.  The meetings start at 7.30 on the 3rd Monday of the month and last approximately 1½ hours. 

We would love to have some new members join us.  As I’m sure you are aware, one of the areas that the Governance Committee works hard is through fundraising and grant sourcing, this is 100% to enhance the resources for the learning of our children.

Nursery News

A big welcome to all our new families that have started in the nursery.  Everyone is settling is really well.

You would have noticed the new noticed board in the nursery foyer.  This is another way to keep informed with what is happening at Moa Kids.  We will list our relievers on here who are in for the day.  Please make sure you have a look next time you are in.

The children have been enjoying loads of water play in the beautiful weather we have been having.  The trough is filled up most days and the shells have been filled to play in.  We have also had the sprinkler going and the children have enjoyed running through it.

We have seen a lot of our older children really engaged in building with the duplo and blocks. They getting very good and building high towers and of course smashing them down is even more fun!

We have seen a lot children really engaged with mat times enjoying board stories – 5 little ducks, brown bear brown bear, and the wonky donkey book.  If there is a particular song or book your child enjoys at home, please let us know, so we can include it into our mat times.

The children love all the new sand in the sand pit. The children and teachers were very excited to see it filled on the Monday morning.  They have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen that is set up by the sandpit.  If you have any old kitchen pots and/or wooden spoons, we would love to take them off your hands as the children just love using these in the children’s kitchen.

We have been working with the paint more and have seen the children are really enjoying it, especially finger painting and using the brushes to paint.  Make sure you check out your children’s art folder, there maybe be lots of art to take home.  This is kept in the nursery foyer

Preschool News

Lots of our big friends have headed off to school. We wish them all the best and certainly miss them all.  We welcome all our new friends that have started this year.  Everyone is settling in so well.

With the start of the year, the children’s project is focused around “All about me”

It is a great way for the children to feel a sense of belonging at Moa Kids.  They have been doing lots of different learning activities around this. There have been some wonderful family portraits drawn by the children.  Make sure you check them out.

With the new sand going in the sandpit. The sandpit has been a popular place for the children.  There have been very busy bees in here and with the warm days lots of water play in the sandpit as well.

The sprinkler has been requested a lot lately!  We certainly have had fantastic summer weather wise, so as soon as the sun comes out now, the sprinkler and water in the sandpit are always the first requests.

Thank you to all the families that have brought in their children’s holiday snaps.  The children love looking at these on the wall.  They are also a great way to link home life to the preschool, so thank you.

You may have noticed all our new recycling bins around the centre.  The children are picking up what goes in which bin very quickly and they are educating their peers and the relievers that come into Moa Kids.  Hopefully they are helping with recycling at home.

The children have been doing different science experiments. They are seeing what happens to our food which is growing some mould in our science display.  The children are very fascinated with what has been happing.

Our new outdoor equipment is still very popular with the children.  They like asking for the different pieces and setting it up in different ways that challenge them.

With the warm weather the children have been spending most of their time outside.  The children have been doing a lot of work with the big dump trucks.  I must say they are very busy road workers. The children ask for all the cones and are very aware of the health and safety requirements.  J

Shoes seem to be a big issue in the preschool room at the moment.  Children’s shoes are going home with the wrong children and not always coming back.  We are trying to encourage the children put their shoes in their bags or in the shoe box.  If you could also please makes sure the shoes are named, this would help a lot.

Show and tell is really the highlight of some our children’s week. The show and tell roster is in the foyer by the basket.  If you could please make sure the items going in the basket are named and also collected at the end of the day.

Dolphin Club News

Dolphin club is back in to full swing after the holiday break. Terehia and Shay are both stepping into this role this year.  This is with our growing numbers and also making sure is still happening even if teachers are away.

 The children have been learning all about their Mihi and whatcomes with it. So far we have been learning all about

our mountain : Tamatea Pokai;

our river: Opawaho;

and now we are learning about how to make our own pa, we have been exploring Maori villages online and reading a book about maui and finding his pa (home)

We have a strong focus on Te Reo maori and learning the tikanga within this.

We will be asking the children to start bringing an item from the beach to go on our pa.

We are also practicing our Mihi along with new waiata.

We have been making a hoea (waka paddle) for our whakakpapa wall (genealogy).  A whakapapa sheet will come home shrotly to be filled in together.

Feel free to ask Terehia or Shay about the language we are learning we will send the phases we are using home soon.

We also have a wall for transisiton where the children can have a laminated bus and move this across each day as thay count down to school this can help with the transistion process making it smoother for the child.

Please make sure you check our all the wonderful work in the Dolphin Club room.

What’s on?

Saturday 10th March

Murder Mystery

at Mt Pleasant Community Centre from 7pm.  Tickets are $45 each and this includes a meal and show.  There are only a few tickets left so get in quick.

Moa Kids Governance Committee Meeting

Monday 19th March

Monday 16th April at 7.30pm in the Preschool room

Children’s corner

Huge congratulations to Marley, Geneva and Tim on the birth of Norah Paikea.  Norah was born on Christmas morning and weighted 3.1kgs. 

I’m sure Marley is a wonderful big sister and will be an amazing role model for Norah.

Have you been away for a break? We love to hear about places that you and your children have been, especially exotic places or somewhere interesting.  If you have any photos and would like them displayed in our newsletter please let Zoe know.  Also, if there are any new siblings to our children we would love to share the happy news amongst our community.

Note from Zoe

I’m shocked that it is March already, where has that time gone?  The upside is that Autumn is my favourite season so I’m pretty happy about this!

It’s been so lovely to catch up with you all over the last couple of months and find out from your children what you all did at Christmas (although, that seems like a long time ago!)  I had lots of lovely family time with Darren and our 3 girls.  We headed away for a week with friends to the Malborough Sounds and then camped in Kaikoura for a few days on the way back.  It was just what we needed.

So 2018 has started with a bang and my big girls are now back at school so I’m back to working my normal hours at Moa Kids.

In other news, I’m really excited about this year for Moa Kids, it’s going to be another great one.  We have the Murder Mystery coming up soon and there are a few things in the pipelines for the coming months.  If you are interested in finding out what these are, pop along to our next Governance Committee meeting on the 19th March at 7.30.


Teacher profile: Hayley, Centre Manager

I graduated in 2004 with a Diploma Early Childhood Education. I have worked in many Early Childhood Environments since then, both here and overseas. In this time, I have been a Teacher, Head Teacher, Assistant Centre Manager and, in the last 10 years, have been in Senior Management.

I have a huge passion in Early Childhood Education and strive to provide a high quality early learning environment for all children in our care. As a teacher, I have a strong philosophy that children learn through play and believe my teaching style is very well suited to the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

I have a strong management base in early childhood and keep myself updated and educated on the current regulations.

I have been working at Moa Kids since July 2015. I just adore this centre and love what it offers to the children, families and wider community.

I like to keep myself fit and healthy and in my spare time enjoy travelling and keeping in touch with good friends and family. I have recently become a dog owner and can officially say I'm on the verge of being a crazy dog mum https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/f7f/1/16/1f60a.png