July & August 2018

We are officially now in Spring! I know lots of our families have been heading away on ski weekends and holidays, we hope you have had a wonderful time and have made the most of the weather!

We have had a busy couple of months with lots of new children and families joining us at Moa Kids.  We would like to say a big welcome to you all.  Everyone is settling in so well and making the most of their time with us.

Thank you to all the families that came along to the Disco last month.  Wow, what a fabulous turnout we had!  This certainly is a highlight on the preschool children’s calendars.  Everyone seems to have lots of fun and we raised over $600 at this event.  At the moment we are fundraising for more physical equipment in our nursery room.  Raising this money will allow us to purchase a few pieces and with more fundraising events coming up, it will allow us to add to it.  So a big thank-you!

Recently we had lots of families asking questions around behaviour management with children under 5 years, so we decided to organise a parent workshop and get Shelia and Lee in from The Incredible Years programme.  These ladies are certainly well experienced in this area having worked together for over 20 years.  This workshop was very well supported by the community and we have had some wonderful feedback.  I would love to have more parent workshops like this at the centre, so if there are any topics or speakers you would like in, please let me know.

With our numbers and waitlist growing, we have lots of children now picking up afternoon sessions.  It has now come to the time where we are full on some afternoons as well as mornings.  If your child is booked in until 12.30 or 1pm, they will need to be picked up at this time.  As now we have children coming in at 12.30pm and 1.00pm for the afternoon session.  This also goes for children starting in the afternoon.  You are most welcome to come in to settle your child beforehand but you will not be able to leave until their booked time.  We understand this is a change for how we have been in the past, but with now being so full, we need to remember our Ministry Licence Numbers are 50 and we not able to go over these numbers. If you want your child to stay longer on any days, you will need to check beforehand.  Thank you for your understanding around this.

Lots of our children have changed days, hours and times lately; anytime that we do a change in the system we have to get you to sign for this.  This is a funding requirement from MOE.

If your child is turning three soon, it is important that we get all the right documentation for your child’s 20 ECE hours or in Moa Kids’ case 30 ECE hours otherwise their “free” hours might not be logged.  These hours will typically start the Monday after your child turns 3. Please make sure you see me or Zoe to do this.

We seem to continue to have an issue with collecting a large pile of lost property at Moa Kids.  Zoe has started displaying these items in the foyer on a trolley. Can parents please make sure that they check the lost property on a regular basis and also try and name all clothing that comes into the centre.

With September now here it is the time Zoe comes in from Forget Me Not Photography to do preschool photos.  The children know Zoe so well, so this always results in fabulous natural photos.  She captures them so well while playing alongside them.  This is a great fundraising event for us and the photos make great Christmas gifts, so please make sure you support this.

It is that time of the year where we are starting to do our calendars.  This is another great fundraiser for Moa Kids and also, even better, they make fab Christmas presents.  We will display the preschool ones in on the music room window above the coathooks and also in the foyer.  The nursery ones will displayed in the nursery on the window.  We need all orders in by Friday 5th October. 

This will then result in getting them back at the start of November so families can get them away in the post overseas if needed.

This Saturday (8th) we are holding a Cake Stall at the Mt Pleasant market.  It would be amazing if every family could please bake at least one item for this. We are very light on baking at the moment.  Also, make sure you come and visit us on the day to support us.

I hope you all enjoy the first few months of spring J


Welcome to our new families

A big welcome to Callun, Aria and Jack.  All of our new friends have started over the past two months.  It’s great to have you all join the Moa Kids family.


We have said goodbye and Happy School Days to Billy, Maia and Harriet.  We hope their next learning adventures is a fun one.

Staff News

We are excited to let you know we have a new Head Teacher starting in the nursery room.  Rachael Black will start on Monday 10th September and will work 40 hours a week from Monday – Friday.  Rachael has many years of experience as a Head Teacher in a nursery room, so we look forward to her joining our team.

Emily’s maternity leave is just around the corner!  As this stage she will reduce to three days a week at the start of October with her official last day being Tuesday 16th October.


  • Moa Kids is a “nut free” zone.  Lately we have been noticing a lot of nut products coming in cashews, almonds, peanut butter sandwiches etc.  Please can you remember that we are a nut free zone when you are making your child’s lunch.  
  • Please can all families name all their children’s clothes that come into Moa Kids.  This will help reduce the ever growing lost property collection we have here at the centre.
  • The week commencing Monday 3rd September, Zoe from Forget Me Not Photography will be in doing photos of all our children.  Zoe comes in for the day and spends time with all the children, resulting in very natural looking photos. This is a great fundraiser for Moa Kids and also a great chance to get some wonderful actions shots of your children.  I hear they make fantastic Christmas gifts as well!
  • Have you moved house recently or got a new landline/mobile number?  If so, please update the office with your new details.
  • If your child is down to go on an excursion can you please make sure that your child has good walking shoes either on them or in their bag.
  • With the changeable weather upon us, please make sure you are still packing lots of warm named clothes for your children.  On wet days we try and get the children outside when the rain eases so please ensure your child has a coat and gumboots with them on rainy days.  They are more than welcome to bring slippers in for wearing inside.
  • Scarves: We know that scarves are a great winter accessory. However, at preschool they can be a safety issue especially when the children are outside on equipment.  We are asking if all scarves please be left at home.  Coats, jumpers and hats are all that is needed for preschool children.

Governance Committee

Our next Governance Committee meetings are on Monday 17th September and Monday 15th October.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The meeting will start at 7.30 and is held in the preschool room

Nursery News

It been lovely to get outside a lot more over the last few months.  When the weather allows us; we try and get outside to make the most of it.  The children love exploring and getting playing with the kitchen area.  They have been cooking up a storm including muffins, cakes, slices and pancakes!  You name it, the nursery children have baked it!  If you have any old pots, pans or baking tins you don’t need we would love to take them off your hands J

The children have enjoyed building with the 3D shapes.  They try to build them as high as possible and of course love knocking them over when done. It’s great to the children to be so involved and engaged for an extended amount of time.

We have a new board in the nursery that has lots of locks and gadgets on it.  This is a clear favourite at the moment amongst the children.  The younger children have been crawling over and pulling themselves up on the board while the older children spend lots of time working out how each lock and gadget works.

Our shape magnets are always a favourite with the children too.  Everyone has been trying to figure out what surfaces they will stick to.

A few of our older friends have started the transition process into the preschool environment. Honor has pretty much transitioned herself and is loving her time in the preschool.  Her friends do miss her though, she often has Silvia and Ngaio yelling out her name at the fence or by the door inside.

It has felt a little bit like Christmas in the nursery lately.  The last fundraising events have meant we have purchased new equipment for our room.  The sensory tiles have been fun for all of the children and teachers to explore. They spend lots of time pushing and feeling the tiles with their feet and hands.

The new foam shaped equipment has been a huge hit with all the children.  Even our big siblings that come in and visit have been testing it out for us!  The children all like to gather around and take turns; they are getting very good at watching their friends come down the slide and then wait to have their turn.

Preschool News

Our school holiday program was again a hit with the children.  We have had wonderful feedback about the programme.  The idea behind the holiday programme was to help children who have older siblings at home in the holidays; some parents were struggling to get the younger children to preschool.  This seems to be working so we will continue to do this in the school holidays.

Lots of children have been away on holiday recently which shows in their dramatic play.  There have been lots of plane trips, aeroplane food, coffee shop events, ice block making and a general love for dramatic play.

We certainly know spring has been just around the corner with this warmer weather we have been having.  The children have been spending a lot more time exploring the outdoor environment.  We pumped all our balls up and put the soccer net out.  This started a huge interest in kicking the balls and course trying to get goals with all of the children.

The children have been developing new skills on the swings.  It has been fantastic seeing the younger children asking their older peers to help them or show them how to get up on the trapeze.  

The older children have been very patient and encouraging as they show their peers how to get on the bar.  This is so nice to see J

Our hot glue guns are always very popular with the preschool children.  The children have been busy working with these and creating masterpieces.

We were really lucky to have Bunning’s come out and help the children build planter boxes.  Our plants have been growing so well, we even got to use the spinach from our garden in some baking. The children decided to make savoury scone which, I must say, went down a treat!

Our current project is construction.  We were very lucky to have some untreated wood donated to us for our carpentry table.  The children have just loved using the “real” tools and making wonderful creations.  If any parents are builders or general handyman, we would love for you to come along and work with us.

Dolphin Club News

Our Dolphin club session has been super busy as always.  At the start of July we managed to finish off our Marae visits.  These were so beneficial for the children.  They all had such a great experience and have been talking about it for weeks after.  As always on these trips, the bus was certainly a highlight J

The children have decided they would like write their own play again this year for their up and coming Christmas concert.  The children have created the different characters and roles all by themselves.  So if you wonder why some names of the characters are a little bit silly, it is because our wonderful 3 and 4 year old creative brains developed them J

Shay has asked if anyone has a large cardboard box (fridge height) that you don’t need any longer, could you please consider donating it to the play to be used as a backdrop?

Over the next few months the children will spend time finishing off their play and also working on all the props and costumes.  Watch this space.

Every term dolphin club explores a new language.  This term it has been Arabic.  They have been learning different songs and sayings in Arabic.  It certainly is a tricky language for the teachers, but the children have been picking it up so well.

We have also introduced a new Karakia with the children this is Mo nga kai.  Again the children have picked this up really well.  Make sure you ask them at home to sing it for you before kai times.

Last term we were lucky to head long to Redcliffs School new entrant class for a morning.  This term we are planning on heading along to Sumner School’s new entrant class.  We will let families know closer to the time, who we intend on taking.

We have had a focus in the classroom around self regulation. We have been making sure we have been teaching and helping the children with this.  Rocket breaths and lots of songs have been helping.  In dolphin club we have been doing this through animal songs and also acting out different motions as this animal.  This has been working really well, so we will continue to work on this with the children.

What’s on?

Monday 3rd– Friday 7th September

Photography Fundraiser

Zoe will be in to take photos of the children during this week. 

Saturday 8th September 9.30am - 12.30pm

Cake Stall at Mt Pleasant Farmers Market

We are asking parents to please bake a cake/slice/biscuits for the stall and we will sell them at the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market.  We will also need a few parents to help man the stall.

Moa Kids Governance Committee Meeting

Monday 17th September at 7:30pm in the preschool room.

Monday 15th October at 7.30pm in the Preschool room

Saturday 29th September at 7pm

Quiz Night

Get your friends together for our fun packed quiz night.  This will be held at Moa Kids.  We are able to house teams of up to 8 per table.  The cost is $10 each which will include nibbles and snacks.  This is a BYO event. 

Sunday 28th October at 5pm

Winnebagoes Ferrymead

A night off from cooking?  Sounds like bliss hey!

Moa Kids are holding a fundraising evening at Winnebagoes Ferrymead.  We will be selling tickets for adults and children alike.  We will be putting out information closer to the time but please mark this date in your diary.

Children’s corner

Congratulations to Kylie, Chris and Louise on the birth of baby Patrick Don born on 16th August weighing in at 6lb 4oz.  I’m sure Louise will be a very loving big sister and a huge help to mum and dad.

Marley and her family went to Seattle recently to visit family.  “One of the best parts about my trip home is the time I got to spend with my TWO great grandmas!  Here I am with Naida who is 93 and Theresa who is 88 and still goes to yoga three times a week!  They are the coolest!  We also went to the pool with my parents, sister Norah and cousin Oliver!”

Have you been away for a break? We love to hear about places that you and your children have been, especially exotic places or somewhere interesting.  If you have any photos and would like them displayed in our newsletter please let Zoe know. 

Also, if there are any new siblings to our children we would love to share the happy news amongst our community.

Note from Zoe

So that’s winter over and all of the blossoms are on the trees.  Spring is such a beautiful time of year.

I’m really excited about all of our new friends who have started at Moa Kids.  It’s so lovely to see so many happy smiling faces each morning.  I do love being visited by everyone.  Please feel free to pop into the office to say hi, with the sign in book now moved I haven’t had many visitors of late!   Also, if you have any questions about anything office related I’m here to help you.  I’m at Moa Kids on every morning from 9-12 except for Tuesday, but I’m often floating around at pickup and drop off time when I’m with Cassie!

With the annual calendar fundraiser fast was approaching us.  The children have been busy creating their master pieces.  Make sure you check these out on the display when you first come in.

I hope you all got my email a couple of weeks ago about the “new” playground in Redcliffs.  With the loss of Redcliffs Park playground, the CCC have opened up the playground on the old Redcliffs School Site.  We have been along a few times and my girls love it.  There is something for every age.  Cassie was in her element on lots of the equipment while the big girls had a race! (my girls are 9, 7 and 4)

Lunchbox Ideas

Cheese & Tomato Pinwheel Scones


3 cups self raising flour

½ tsp salt

2 cups grated cheese

1 cup milk

½ cup soda water

½ cup tomato sauce

50g ham (chopped)

2 spring onions (chopped)


  1. Preheat oven to 200°C (fan bake).
  2. Sift self raising flour and salt into a mixing bowl.
  3. Stir in 1 cup of the grated cheese.
  4. Pour in milk and soda water and mix to form a soft dough.
  5. Turn dough onto a floured board and roll out to a rectangle 1cm thick (approx. 30cm x 40 cm).
  6. Spread tomato sauce over the dough to within 1cm of the edges.
  7. Sprinkle over remaining grated cheese, chopped ham and spring onions.
  8. Gently roll from the long side to make a pinwheel.
  9. Cut into 12 pieces.
  10. Place close together, cut side up on a greased baking tray.
  11. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden and cooked.
  12. Serve warm.


Teacher profile: Deb Coker, Nursery teacher

Kia ora

My name is Deb Coker and I started at Moa Kids in April 2018. I graduated with my Diploma of Teaching, early childhood in 2009. I have worked in both early childhood centre's and also provided homebased education.  In 2017 I returned to full time study and did the upgrade from the diploma to a bachelor of Teaching, Early Childhood. 

I have two adult sons, one that lives in Melbourne and the other one here in Christchurch. I have a huge passion for babies and young children and love forming relationships with them and their family. My interests include travel, biking, spending time with friends and family, reading and sewing.

Governance Committee profile: Abigail Wills, Privacy Officer

What is your connection with Moa Kids?

Our eldest started at Moa way back in 2012, Phoebe is currently in the preschool and Rafferty is in the nursery.

What role do you fill on the Committee?

I'm a bit-of-this-and-bit-of-that member so my contribution is pretty flexible and not too onerous.

I'm the Privacy Officer & help Zoe out with grant applications. It's been a pretty satisfying way to contribute time and energy to the preschool - and we've been the beneficiaries of community support for everything from repainting the preschool, to dress-ups, to family play furniture, to outdoor equipment.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering your time for Moa Kids?

Selfishly, Moa is very much the link that makes our work:home life balance..... Philosophically, I'm incredibly grateful that our community has such an amazing preschool, being not-for-profit means we can run a super flexible timetable that works for families, our awesome teachers can unpack a distinctive learning philosophy that sets our children up for an easy transfer to school, high staffing ratios ensure the children and their individual needs and relationships can be at the heart of every decision we make. Ultimately, being not-for-profit lets us put the needs of our kids first - so being able to give a little bit of my time to support the centre and a service I feel so strongly about feels great.

Plus, it's a chance to be "me" (and not just "Phoebe's Mum") with some other really awesome people.

What have been your highlights from your time as part of the Committee?

Moa (along with our whole community) went through a really tough patch post-quake - for a while there it was touch and go whether this preschool that had been in our community for 30 years was going to remain viable.

We were incredibly blessed to have a range of talented committee members who were very generous with their time and expertise to help us make the structural changes we needed and to provide the centre with strong leadership to navigate that period. Seeing the centre and the teaching-team thriving now (and watching our role recover!) plus Hayley and Letisha taking back the operational-reins from those volunteers is definitely my highlight.