June/July Newsletter

Who would believe that we are nearly through July and are nearly in our last month of Winter for 2019. 

Well, we have had an extremely busy couple of months at Moa. Zoe finished up in mid-June. Zoe has been a huge part of the ‘’Moa family’’ over the last 8 years. We wish her all the best in her next adventures.

Dawn has settled in well to the office. As you can imagine there are many aspects to the Admin role at Moa. She has picked everything up very quickly, but if there anything that you need from Dawn, please just let her know.  With the centre being so busy now, we have extended Dawn’s hours. She will be in the office 5 days a week 9am – 1pm

Thank you to everyone that came along and supported the children’s disco. We had a lot of teachers and children away sick that day. So isn’t wasn’t as busy as normal, but the children who attended had a ball. We raised nearly $500, which was great. Thank you to everyone who helped out on the night, it was much appreciated.

With Moa being a non-for-profit community-based centre, fundraising events play a very important part in our way of life. It is really important these events are supported by all our families. We have a few events coming up before the end of the year. So please make sure you put these in your diary.

  • Family dinner: Winniebagoes, Ferrymead. Sunday 20th October at 5pm
  • Cake Stall - Saturday 9th November. 
  • Photos: Zoe will be coming in to do classroom Photos in the first week of September. 
  • Calendars’: We will start the artwork for the Calendars in early September ready for orders in mid-October.

With the winter months upon us, we have had a lot of winter bugs around. I don’t think I have ever seen a winter with so many teachers and children off at once. But fingers crossed, we seem to be getting back to normal. If your child is sick, we do ask that they are off from preschool until they are back to 100%. We find if children come back too early, they don’t cope with the full days of preschool, and with their energy levels being low, they can pick up more bugs. Please also remember to email in or call us if your child is going to be away sick.

We have a few staff changes coming up: Sharleen is of course pregnant. She is due late September. At this stage Sharleen plans to work through to the end of August. Rebecca will step into her place, until Emily comes back.  Emily is due back from Maternity leave the first week of November. Emily is a provisional registered teacher, working towards her full teachers’ registration. She would like to gain more experience with the preschool aged children. So, with Sharleen on maternity leave, this is a great opportunity to do this. Margie will stay in the nursey and Emily will move into the preschool room when she is back. If you have any questions around these changes, please come and see me.

You may have noticed in the nursery environment our grass area is in poor shape and it is more of a mud pit. This often happens in winter, but this year with being so full in the nursery, it is a lot worse. However, we are in the stages of applying for a grant to lay down artificial grass. This will take a few months, but we are getting it sorted. The children are of course loving the mud, so please make sure you back gumboots for your children in the nursery.

At the end of this year I’ll be heading off for three weeks annual leave. Letisha, of course, steps into my role while I’m away. In the next few months I’ll be focusing on training Letisha more in the office side of my role.

Please remember my door is always open, so if there is any issue or something you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to come and see me.

Thanks Hayley


Welcome to our new families

A big welcome to Paddy, Hugo and Isla to the Moa Kids family


Indie, Rowan, Isabella-Rose and Adrian have turned 5 and have headed off to school. We wish them all the best. 

Staff News

Shay is off on a 7-week adventure to the U.K and Europe. We hope she has a wonderful well-deserved break. Rebecca has stepped into her role while she away and we will have Fritha supporting us as well. Shay will be back September the 4th.

Dawn is back to the U.K for a family holiday. She will be away for 5 weeks from September through to mid-October. 


  • Show and tell: Each child who attends the preschool room has a show and tell day. This is the day where they can bring something special to show their peers. We know lots of our friends like to bring in toys and often it is the same toy from the week before. We are not saying no toys, but if parents could get the children to have a think of something different each time, this will help their child when they get up to talk about their “show and tell”.
  • Photo’s: Remember that you are most welcome to email in any photos of what they have been doing over the weekend. This goes down really well and the children normally have lots to say about it.
  • Lost Property: Please, please check the lost property in the foyer and the show and tell treasures.  Also make sure your child’s clothes are named as this will help with getting items back to the correct child.
  • Moved House? We know many of you have recently moved house.  Can you please ensure you have updated Zoe or myself in the office so we can make sure our system is up to date?
  • Nappies: Some parents choose to bring a bag of nappies in for their child and we let the families know when they are running low by writing on the daily role sheet. Please make sure when you see “please bring nappies” that you bring them in as soon as you can. We have emergency nappies if children run out, but these need to be replaced if used. We unfortunately are not in the position to be supplying nappies to children.
  • Parking: Can you please make sure that you are parking in the car parking spaces provided.  Please don’t park along the fence line by the entrance to Moa Kids.  This is a safety issue for all of our children arriving and leaving Moa Kids.
  • Nut Free Zone: Moa Kids is a “nut free” zone.  Lately we have been noticing a lot of nut products coming in cashews, almonds, peanut butter sandwiches etc.  Please can you remember that we are a nut free zone when you are making your child’s lunch. 
  • Bags: We are keen to take any plastic or paper bags you may have.
  • Excursions: If your child is down to go on an excursion can you please make sure that your child has good walking shoes either on them or in their bag and they have a coat.
  • Jacket & Hat: Please make sure that you have packed a named winter hat and a few layers for your child now the cooler weather approaches.  Also, can you make sure that you are bringing in a jacket or coat for your child too.

Governance Committee

Our next Governance Committee meeting is being held on Monday 19th August.  The meeting will start at 7.30 in the preschool room.

Nursery News

A big welcome to Paddy and Hugo. They have both started in the nursery room over the last few months. Both have siblings in the preschool, so were both very familiar with centre and are both settling in rally well and making most of their time here.

With the cooler weather upon us, could you all please make sure you are bringing in named hats, jackets and gumboots, so we can continue to explore outside in the winter months. If you have water proof overalls, make sure you pack them as well!

As we have a number of older children in the nursery now, we are providing a new challenging climbing experience each day. The children find different ways to use and manoeuvre their bodies.

Ivy has now transitioned into the preschool and is enjoying all the new challenges and adventures.  Her older cousin Frankie is in the preschool, so she has enjoyed connecting with him, while being at preschool.

Torin has begun his transition into the preschool room. He is settling in really well. He is especially likes hanging out with his big brother Milo. Milo is also enjoying showing Torin the preschool environment and supporting him where he needs it.

Massie has left the nursery as her family have moved down South. We wish them all the best.

We have started a pet project, which links to our belonging map. We would love photos of your pets. You can bring them in or even just email the admin address.



Preschool News

We had another successful holiday programme filled will lots of exciting activities. We originally started this to help the children to come in who had siblings at home during the school holidays. This has proved successful, so we will continue to do this during the school holidays.

We also have had a busy month with children’s last day themes. The children love picking a theme for their last day. I must say they are getting more and more creative. It is a great way to celebrate their time at Moa Kids.

Our new project in the preschool room is Literacy and Numeracy. This project has come from the children’s interest in writing, oral language and also counting.

The teachers will provide the children with activities and learning experiences which support this project. The children and teachers have set up a writing station in the preschool. The children are really enthusiastic about writing their names in the sand and also learning to write the teachers names and their friends names. They are also loving the opportunity to tell stories and use the teacher’s resources to do this. This is a great way to support and develop the children’s oral language.

The Lego and Duplo has been very popular lately. With lots of request from the children to have it out. They have been creating different masterpieces and enjoying keeping them to show their families. There has been a lot of pride from the children on what they have made. So, make sure you check them out at the end of the day.

We have had the clay out a lot lately. The children have spent a lot of time exploring the clay and learning different techniques for working with it.  With the wet weather at the moment it has provided opportunities to explore puddles outside. So please make sure you pack the children’s gumboots.

One of our lovely families donated some money to the preschool room and we purchased new blocks. The children have loved working with them and creating different towers and creations with them.

Our painting easel space has been very busy lately. The easel area gives the children space to create their own masterpieces and the children love this.

The family play area has also been busy lately. Many of our children that tend to play more outside have been spending lot of time role-playing in here.




Dolphin Club News

We have had a busy second term in Dolphin club. Everyone is making the most of their time in dolphin club. Lots of our older children enjoy showing our young children how it all works J

Last term we did two school visits to Redcliffs and Sumner Primary Schools. We plan to continue to do this each term. Even if your child won’t be attending these schools, going to a school environment with their peers and seeing what it is all about will still be beneficial for them.

We have had a small focus on learning new Te Reo waiata. The children have been really enjoying learning all the, ‘’e tu kahikatea ‘’ has been one of their favourites.

Term 2 the children have been learning Hindi. The children, along with the teachers have been leaning lots of songs and phases. Which is fantastic!  This term we have decided to explore the German language.

We will continue to teach self-regulation exercises and games. As this seems to be working really well.

Lunchbox Ideas                                          

Kumara Soup


25g butter

1 large kumara, chopped

1 onion, chopped

1 large potato, chopped

½ tsp hot curry powder

chopped chives

3 cups liquid chicken stock

1 cup milk

salt, to taste




  1. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add kumara, onion, potato and curry powder. Cook until onion is clear
  2. Stir in stock and bring to the boil. Simmer gently until vegetables are tender.
  3. Purée in a food processor or blender until smooth.

Add the milk and salt.

  1. Reheat until almost boiling. Serve garnished with chives

Community News



Community Meeting - Redcliffs School update

Redcliffs School would like to warmly invite you to our next school community evening to share the updates and progress on our new school. Our Ministry of Education team, architects, landscape architects, Mana Whenua, Redcliffs School BOT, staff and tamariki will all be there to share in the excitement of our new school with you. 

Date: Thurs August 1, 2019

Time:  6.30 pm – 8.00pm

Where: St Andrews Church - 148 Main Rd, Redcliffs

Who: All welcome


Our new school is coming together very quickly now.  Come along and see the latest, detailed plans of school buildings and playground areas, and learn more about how these new learning spaces will help us continue to teach collaboratively and grow self-direction in our own tamariki.


Bring your questions about the build, the outdoor spaces or the way learning is structured at Redcliffs.  You’ll have the opportunity to put questions to the panel of speakers at the conclusion of the presentations.




We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter.  However, if you feel there is something missing or that there is something that you would like to regularly see, please have a chat with either Hayley or Dawn.  Thank you.