March & April 2018

Whooo!!! We are officially into the Autumn months already.

We have had a busy couple of months with lots of new children and families joining Moa Kids.  We would like to say a big welcome to you all. Everyone is settling in so well and making the most of their time with us.

Thank you to everyone who came along to our annual family picnic evening.  It was great to see so many of you there.

We have been busy preparing for our ERO review, which happens every 3 years.  We had our review on the 23rd April and we will get our report in the next few weeks.  I’d like to say thank you to all our families for the kind works and support.

At the start of March we had our annual “Murder Mystery” evening. What a fabulous evening this was too. A huge thank you to all the families who supported this event and also a big thanks, of course, to the committee who put it on.  We raised just over $6,600. This money has been spent already on some fantastic new resources for the centre; the bikes would have to be the favourite purchase for the preschoolers.

I’m sure you have noticed that I’ve been away for the last couple of weeks.  We have just brought our first house, so I’ve been unpacking boxes and settling in.  While I’ve been away Letisha has stepped into my role.

With our numbers continuing to grow it is important that all families let us know if they are going to be away sick or on leave. You are welcome to do this by either calling the centre or emailing us.

Lots of our children have changed days, hours and times lately. Anytime that we do a change in the system, we have to get you to sign for this. This is just a funding requirement from MOE.

If your child is turning three soon. It is important that we get all the right documentation for your child’s 20 ECE hours or in Moa Kids case 30 ECE hours.  So please make sure you see me or Zoe to do this.

At Moa Kids we do not charge any additional cost for our 30 ECE funded hours when your child turns three. We have a weekly $10 donation fee that is optional. We set this up as a donation, so families can claim back at tax time.  So if your child is three and you are not paying the donation and would like to. Please let us know, so we can add this into your fortnightly account. With us being a not for profit organisation the $10 donation per week really helps out Moa Kids and goes a long way in helping us provide high quality care and education.

On the 28th May we have our AGM here at the centre. Our guest speaker this year is going to be Robin Arnold, she is co-ordinating the community preparedness and response plans for the Bays area.  We think this would be a great topic, especially with where we live. The AGM part of the meeting will start at 7.00 with the talk commencing at 7.30pm.  You are more than welcome to attend both.

The holiday programme was a hit this school holidays. Please feel free to give ideas for future holiday programmes. We normally design it a few weeks before the end of term, so ideas are always welcome.

With Moa Kids being a non-for-profit, registered and incorporated society we are required to have an active Governance Committee in place who help us meet both legal requirements, strategic goals around finance, policy, fundraising and community networking.  We are always looking for volunteers to come aboard onto our committee. Becoming a member is easy and you would be surprised how much you can offer. If you think this may be something you could be interested in, please don’t hesitate to come and have a chat with me or Zoe.  Everyone is also welcome to come along to any of our committee meetings to see what it is all about. These are on the third Monday of every month at 7.30pm here at the centre.  There is a list of dates on the “Governance Committee” display board in the foyer.

Also if you a looking for a good read, we also have a “Governance Committee” booklet that you can pick up from the office.  This explains everything to do with the Governance Committee J

At Moa Kids, there is a bit of a culture of letting the children climb over our fence in the entrance way, or climbing along our fence.  We understand that sometimes parents stand with their children.  However, we have had a few near misses lately and we have decided with it being concrete that they would fall straight on to, we would please prefer no children climb along the fence.  We will also talk to the children at group time about this so they understand they reason behind it. Their safety, of course, always comes first J

Please remember that my office door is always open. So if you have any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate in coming in to see me .


Welcome to our new families

A big welcome to Evie, Isabella & Lily.  All of our new friends have started over the past two months.  It’s great to have you all join the Moa Kids family.


Louie, Sofia, Isabel, Jacob and Mila have all turned 5 and headed off to school.  We wish them all the best on their next learning adventures.

Staff News

We have welcomed a new teacher into the nursery. Deb Coker.  Deb comes with great experience and a large knowledge base.  She is settling in really well to our nursery life.  It is great to have her on board.  Deb will be working Mondays 8:45am to 5:15pm and Tuesday – Friday 8:30 – 3:00.


  • Moa Kids is a “nut” free zone.  Lately we have been noticing a lot of nut products coming in cashews, almonds, peanut butter sandwiches etc. Please can you remember that we are a nut free zone when you are making your child’s lunch. We now have a child with a nut allergy, so this is now more important.
  • Have you moved house recently or got a new landline/mobile number?  If so, please update the office with your new details.
  • If your child is down to go on an excursion can you please make sure that your child has good walking shoes either on them or in their bag.
  • If you have any spare plastic bags. We would love to take them off your hands. We can never have too many.
  • With the cooler weather upon us, please make sure you are packing lots of warm named clothes for your children.  We also need to start seeing warm hats for the children too.  On wet days we try and get the children outside when the rain eases so please ensure your child has a coat and gumboots with them on rainy days.  They are more than welcome to bring slippers in for wearing inside.
  • Scarves: We know that scarves are a great winter accessory. However, at preschool they can be a safety issue especially when the children are outside on equipment.  We are asking if all scarves please be left at home.  Coats, jumpers and hats are all that is needed for preschool children

Governance Committee

Our next Governance Committee meeting is on Monday 28th May.  This is our AGM.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  If you would like to vote on Governance Committee positions, then you need to be a member of our Incorporated Society.  If you are unsure whether you are a member or not, please see Zoe.

We have Robin Arnold starting her talk on Community Preparedness and Response plans for the Bays area.  Robin’s talk will start at 7.30 with the AGM being held beforehand at 7.00.  You are welcome to come along to the whole meeting or just the talk.

Nursery News

It is great having Deb come on board. Deb is enjoying getting know the families and children.

We have been reviewing our transition process for nursery children starting in the preschool.  We acknowledge that we need to further develop our communication with parents around this process.  Therefore, we are designing a small brochure that will explain everything that you need to know for transitioning children. It will also clearly state who the preschool teacher is and information about the preschool.

We have also created a transition wall.  This clearly has the transitioning weeks broken down and explains who is transitioning on the calendar. Please make sure you check it out and feel free to give feedback to us.

While we were busy changing up the wall displays in the foyer, we decided to make a “what’s been happening this month” wall.  We will keep this updated with the latest activities and learning experiences we have been offering to the children.  We will make sure there are lots of photos to go with it too.

So, what has been happening in the nursery room?  There has been lots of messy play which has included corn flour, water play, painting and anything else the children can get messy and explore with.

The sawdust is often found in the green tub set up outside.  You will always find the children zooming trucks and cars through the sawdust.  We regularly find the sawdust across the playground, but the children have so much fun exploring with it, so it’s all worth it.

We have been lucky with the weather in the last few weeks, so we have been making the most of it and spending as much time as we can outside.  The children will often stand by the door, showing us they are ready to explore the outdoor environment.  With the winter months upon us, please do make sure that you pack hats, jackets and gumboots.

Preschool News

The project in the preschool has been “All about me”.  As you can see from all the displays on the walls in the preschool room, the children have really got into this project.  Please make sure you check out all the wonderful art in the classroom.

The children were all super excited when the courier van turned up with lots of parcels for the preschool room.  The new bikes have been a huge hit and everyone has enjoyed having turns on them.  We also got news scooters as well.  It has been great seeing the children persist with these and work out how to use them, especially the two wheeler one.

Amongst the new resources was our water wheel. This is a large triangle wall that has spouting on each side. The children get to move the pieces around and add water to it.  As you can imagine this has been a huge hit.  There has been some wonderful team play happening with this new resource and everyone sharing their ideas on where to put the different parts.

Show and tell is one of the children’s favourite parts of the day.  The teachers have done a recent review on this and they thank you for your feedback.  Show and Tell seems to be working well and the teachers now have a system in place to make sure all the children are getting the opportunity to do it.

We have had a few concerned parents around the iPad use at Moa Kids.  We have decided as a teaching team to review these.  Hayley will be asking for feedback around this process in time. So until we have done this, we have decided not to use them until the review is complete.

The art and craft area at Moa Kids is always well used. The children have continued to let their creative flair out, with loads of amazing art work and creations.  Each child has their own art folder in the green art box which can be found in the art and craft area.

Baking is always a poplar activity at Moa Kids.  The children have been doing this more and more. We used our own apples we grew from the tree to make apple crumble which certainly went down a treat with the children and even the teachers J

The holiday programme has been a hit in the preschool again. One of the highlights this time would have to be when we had Senior Constable Alex come in.  The children had so much fun getting the chance to sit in the police car and even wear a police hat.

The high tea party was a new addition to the holiday programme.  The children were very busy baking for this event. They all had lots of fun serving up their scone and cupcakes and even trying the different flavoured herbal tea (we had peppermint and raspberry available).

Dolphin Club News

The “All about me” project has taken off in dolphin club this term.  Lots of focus has been on the children’s “Mihi”.  The children have really enjoyed strengthening their Mihi Experience.

Thank you to the families that have filled out their whakapapa.  This is a great way for us to link home into the preschool environment.

Please make sure you go and a have a look in the dolphin club room.  All the wonderful work the children have been doing is displayed on the walls.  The teachers have also put up the learning and what the activity was about on the walls.

The children are now “making” their grandparents.  If you can we would love you to send a photo in of your child’s grandparents.

Next term we will changing our language from Maori.  We will be learning and exploring Spanish.  So if any families have a connection with this language please feel free to share your knowledge with us.

What’s on?

Winter events!

We are planning another Trike-a-thon and Disco this year.  The date will be confirmed in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for this information.

Moa Kids Governance Committee Meeting

Monday 28th May – AGM at 7:00pm in the preschool room.

Monday 18th June at 7.30pm in the Preschool room.

Children’s corner

We have had some gorgeous little bundles born over the last couple of months.  We send a huge congratulations to:

Sheralee, Brendon & Charlie on the birth of Odin on Monday 2nd April.  Odin was 7lb 7oz.  We hope that everything is going well for you all in your busy house and Brendon and Charlie are being amazing big brothers.

Fiona, Mike and Lincoln on the birth of Dakota May on Wednesday 18th April.  Dakota was 7lbs 14oz.  We hope that everything is going well for you all and that Lincoln is being a brilliant protective big brother already.

Fran, Jason and Esme on the birth of Anthea on Saturday 24th March.  Anthea was 3.5 kgs.  We hope that everything is going well for you all and Esme is taking on the role of big sister well.

Have you been away for a break? We love to hear about places that you and your children have been, especially exotic places or somewhere interesting.  If you have any photos and would like them displayed in our newsletter please let Zoe know.  Also, if there are any new siblings to our children we would love to share the happy news amongst our community.

Note from Zoe

Wow; we are a third of the way through the year already!  How has that happened?

It’s been such an amazing summer we have had but I must admit I’m loving seeing all these beautiful autumn colours on the trees (and the cooler days!)

I hope you all heard the brilliant news about Redcliffs School and their move to Redcliffs Park.  This has now been signed off and will be fast-tracked so that work on the build of our new school can start.  The school is hoping to be into its new premises by Term 3, 2019!

The Scholastic Book Club catalogue is now out for Issue 3, Term 2.  Please pick up a copy.  Ordering is really easy online or by giving me a paper copy which I can get sent through.  Please have all orders in by Friday 18th May.

As I’m sure many of you know I’ve just come back from a 2 week break.  My mum and cousin were visiting me and my family from the UK so we went on a tiki-tour around the bottom of the South Island all the way to Bluff.  We saw lots of amazing things including dolphins and seals in Milford Sound, glow worms in Te Anau and we also popped into the Cadbury Factory in Dunedin – well, I do have 3 children so wasn’t allowed to pass it by!


Teacher profile: Letisha, Assistant Centre Manager

I have been teaching in Early Childhood Centres' since 2001 when I graduated with my Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (ECE).

I started teaching at Moa Kids in 2009 and in 2015 I became the Assistant Senior Teacher and curriculum leader of both the preschool and nursery.

I love teaching and I always say to people that I have the best job in the world.  I am passionate about educating children.  My aim is for the children I teach to love learning.  I like to support and encourage children to find solutions to their problems, to challenge themselves and to find ways of sourcing information themselves.

I am inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy.  I love the idea that the learning is directed by the child.  I enjoy learning alongside the children and have learnt many interesting facts while researching with the children.

I have two children, a husband and a rabbit at home.

Governance Committee profile: Zoe Fidler, Secretary

What is your connection with Moa Kids?

My eldest daughter, Maggie, started at Moa Kids in 2011 in the nursery so I have been here for quite a while now. My middle daughter, Isla, came through Moa Kids too and now my youngest daughter, Cassie is here. Cassie is 3 and loves being a “Moa Kid”.

What role do you fill on the Committee?

I’m the Secretary.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering your time for Moa Kids?

Moa Kids do so much for me in providing such a safe environment for my children so I can concentrate on my business without worrying about how my girls are. So because of this, I wanted to give something back to them and the best way for me was to join the Governance Committee. I have been on the committee since 2012. I also love being able to leave the house once a month and catch up with other parents.

What have been your highlights from your time as part of the Committee?

Wow, where to begin there have been so many. I think the biggest one for me has been the change of structure at Moa Kids in 2014. This was a huge highlight as it brought Hayley to us. Hayley has worked so hard to turn the team around and together the centre has grown beyond all expectations. It’s been pretty amazing to watch everyone pull together and make Moa Kids what it is today. I wouldn’t have believed we would be at full capacity so soon after these changes were implemented.

It’s also been great to see so many people wanting to be a part of our community, from grandparents joining the committee to mums with new babies staying on the committee. We really do have it all.

If you have any been wanting to donate 2 hours of your time a month to something worthwhile then you should head on down to a meeting (every 3rd Monday of the month) to see what it’s all about!