October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

Who would believe that we are in our last month of Spring! Summer is just around the corner. We hope you all had a lovely long weekend. We’ve had another busy month and the children are making the most of the warm weather. It is still chilly at times, so please make sure you are packing layers and several changes of clothes, as there will be lots of children excited about getting the water play out again.

During the school holidays we had another successful holiday programme around the project, which was fantastic. This seems to work well and also means the current project does not lose momentum.   

With Moa Kids being a not-for-profit community-based centre, fundraising events play a very important part in our way of life. It is really important that all our fundraising events are supported by our families. Next year we have a goal in mind and a project that we will need to support through fundraising.

We will be aiming to raise $30,000 to go towards the rest of the outdoor area in the preschool. Moa will be covering the indoor upgrade and the soft fall throughout the outdoor. This will cost around $100,000. The committee will be setting a up a fundraising committee in the new year to support this. You don’t have to be on the committee to join this. So, if you have some great ideas on what we can do to raise this sum of money, and would be interested in joining this committee next year, make sure you come and see me.

Kylie who has designed the playground will be presenting the plan at the next committee meeting, over cheese and wine. This is Monday 16th November 7.30pm, here at the centre. Everyone is welcome.

We have a few children turning 5 before the end of the year and also next year. A lot of the schools now are doing cohort entry. We are at the stage where children can’t start until the next child starts school. So, with this in mind, can families please let me know if they will be heading to school and what date will be your child’s last day. This helps me when informing new families when their children’s start date is.

With the end of the year upon us, just a reminder we have changed our closing dates due to the upgrade of the preschool. Thank you all for being so understanding. We will be closing 3 days earlier, at 5pm on Friday 18th December and reopening on Monday 11th January at 8am.The outdoor area will start a few days before we close and will be finished on the first week back. If possible, so I can work out our numbers, can families please send through their Christmas holiday dates please.

Thank you to all our families that came along to the parent evening/fish and chip night. What a fantastic turn out we had.  It was great to see families taking the opportunity to talk to their child’s teacher about their child’s learning.  Also, a great way to meet families and catch up when you’re not rushing in and out on pick-ups and drop offs.

Geneva and the committee held an evening at Castro’s for ‘’teacher appreciation’’. This was so lovely of you all to support this and also donate. A big thank you also to Indira and Richard (Sol’s parents who own Castro’s). I know Geneva is planning to use these funds to refresh our tea rooms.  So, a big thank you. Nearly a $1000 was raised.

With the centre at full capacity 99% of the day it is really important that families please check with a teacher or the office if they wish to extend hours. If you are coming in early or staying late, please write the correct time in the sign in area. Coming in 30 mins early or staying 30 mins late but writing in booked times, just means we may be out of ratio and not meeting Ministry requirements. We love being flexible and want to continue to do this. But we just need to be aware if you your child is coming in early or staying late.

Lots of information this month, so please remember my door is always open.

Thanks Hayley

Welcome to our new families

A big welcome to Georgia (Freddie’s little sister) to Moa Kids, she is settling in well and making the most of their time here.

Cooper, Ella, Charley and Saoirse have all turned 5 and headed off to school. We wish them all the best!

Staff News

Margie starts her second placement in the preschool room next week. So, she will be in 5 days a week for the next month.


  • Lunch boxes: You have most probably noticed the very full lunchbox shelf in the preschool.  We would really appreciate it if all children’s lunch boxes, drink bottles and food containers could be named, as well as food that needs to go in the fridge.  There is a permanent marker attached to the basket for the food that needs to be kept in the fridge. Thanks.
  • Nut Free Zone: Moa Kids is a “nut free” zone.  Lately we have been noticing a lot of nut products coming in cashews, almonds, peanut butter sandwiches etc.  Please can you remember that we are a nut free zone when you are making your child’s lunch.
  • Show and tell: Each child who attends the preschool room has a show and tell day. This is the day where they can bring in something special to show their peers. We know lots of our friends like to bring in toys and often it is the same toy from the week before. We are not saying no toys, but if parents could get the children to have a think of something different each time, this will help their child when they get up to talk about their “show and tell”.  Remember that you are most welcome to email in any photos of what they have been getting up to over the weekend. This goes down really well and the children normally have lots to say about it. Can you please remember to take home your child’s show and tell item? The basket seems very full.
  • Lost Property: We have a large amount of lost property. Please come and have a look to see if the treasures and clothing belong to your family. The lost property is in the foyer.  Please name all clothing that comes to preschool, as this really helps us to return clothing and hats back to the correct person. Thanks.
  • Moved House? We know many of you have recently moved house.  Can you please ensure you have updated Dawn or myself in the office so we can make sure our system is up to date?
  • Nappies: Some parents choose to bring a bag of nappies in for their child and we let the families know when they are running low by writing on the daily role sheet. Please make sure when you see “please bring nappies” that you bring them in as soon as you can. We have emergency nappies if children run out, but these need to be replaced if used. We unfortunately are not in the position to be supplying nappies to children.
  • Moved House? We know many of you have recently moved house.  Can you please ensure you have updated Dawn or myself in the office so we can make sure our system is up to date?
  • Nappies: Some parents choose to bring a bag of nappies in for their child and we let the families know when they are running low by writing on the daily role sheet. Please make sure when you see “please bring nappies” that you bring them in as soon as you can. We have emergency nappies if children run out, but these need to be replaced if used. We unfortunately are not in the position to be supplying nappies to children.
  • Preschool Door: Please can all families make sure you are shutting the preschool door behind you. 9am and 3pm are busy times with children and families coming in and out. If all families can please make sure there is a parent with each child it would be much appreciated.
  • Christmas holiday dates: Please can these been sent through as soon as you know if you are going to be away more than the centre closing dates.
  • SunSmart:  With Moa being SunSmart centre, we need to be wearing sun cream and bring a named sunhat to preschool please. We will be re-applying their cream throughout the day, but please make sure they come in wearing it. If there is a particular cream your child wears, please make sure you provide it and name it.

Governance Committee

Next Governance Committee meeting is Monday 16th November. It is held in the preschool starting at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome. This will be the last one for the year.

Preschool News

The month started with the school holidays. During the holidays our theme continued along our universe project topic. We dedicated a day to each planet in our solar system, a day to the sun and one to our favourite dwarf planet – Maki Maki.

The sandpit has continued to be a very busy space in the preschool outdoor area. There has been lots of baking happening in the sandpit. The children always add their special ingredient ‘’sugar’’, which is the really dry sand. Kurt and Lila even had a go at making their own ‘sugar’.

The children have been spending a lot of time outside. We have really appreciated the warm weather. Water play and the climbing frames have also been popular. We have managed to have a picnic for lunch a couple of times which always is a special treat.

The children are getting really good at remembering to wear their sunhats. Please make sure your child has a named sun hat.

The family area continues to be popular particularly for picnics, where the children pack up the play food and blanket and go on an adventure to another part of the preschool. 

There has been an interest in building huts and cubbies inside with whatever the children can find to build with, generally cushions and mattresses.

A big thank you to all the families who came along to our parent evening. We hope you all enjoyed yourself and learned something new and enjoyed looking at the children’s work.

The project:

The universe project has continued. We have been really fortunate to have been on three trips to see the museums moon exhibit. We are hoping to take another two trips as well before it finishes in early November.

We had a number of science experiments relating to different aspects of each planet. On Jupiter day, we used the chemical reaction between baking soda + vinegar to create gas to blow up a balloon. We created a storm in a jar for our stormy planet, Neptune.

We had a trip to the library to find some more books on space.

Lots of our friends have been busy making Rockets out for boxes.

The children continue to be interested researching about space, exploring our science reference books.  

Nursery News

We welcomed Georgia to the nursery this month. A big welcome to her and her family. She is settling in well and making the most of her time at Moa.

Will and Amelia have turned 2 and have moved into the preschool room.  They are both enjoying their new environment and all the new challenges that come with it.

Benji, Neko and Eddie are continuing to do visits, all wanting to go through more and more, which is great.

With the warmer weather, the outside area is the place to be. The children have been having some fun with water play experiences, either with warm bubble water, or blowing bubbles, as well as lots of splashing. They have been big helpers watering the plants and watching the insects and bees which live in the garden.

We are very fortunate to have Becky (Ringo’s Mum) sharing her knowledge and teach the nursery kaiako sign language. We include this throughout the day and especially at the mat times. The nursery children are beginning to learn some of the signs and can copy actions of their kaiako.

Thank you to all the families that came along to our parent evening. It was lovely getting everyone to put faces to names and having a great catch up.

Dolphin Club

Wow, we’re in the fourth term already. Dolphin club will take a two-week break over the holidays, while we focus on our space holiday programme.   

Again, this term Dolphin club has been a full house each day. The children are very busy and engaged with what they are learning.

With the space theme we are exploring Aliens and Alien homes. We also went on a field trip to the park to draw our own alien houses.

This term we have been focusing on:

  • Wrapping up Dutch language
  • Writing our name
  • Lots of field trips to the park
  • Working on a new karakia and waiata
  • Working on a dance and songs for our Christmas concert
  • School visits each term to Redcliffs and Sumner
  • Learning all about space

Banana Muffins


1 1/2 cups Standard Grade Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp salt
3 large ripe bananas (mashed)
3/4 cup White Sugar
1 egg
1/3 cup Butter (80g), melted


Preheat the oven to 175°C bake. Line a 12-hole muffin tin with paper cases.  
Sift together the Standard Grade FlourBaking Powder, Baking Soda and salt then set aside.

In a large bowl combine the bananas, White Sugar, egg, and melted Butter. Fold in the flour mixture until only just combined.

Spoon evenly into muffin tin and bake 20-25 minutes until muffins spring back when gently pressed.

Community News

Braveheart Performing Arts:

Shay runs her own Preforming arts drama classes here in Redcliffs a couple of times a week. If you are interested please see her Facebook page: Braveheart Performing Arts, for more information.

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