September & October 2018

Well, Summer is just around the corner and hasn’t the weather been great? Who can believe we are coming closer and closer to the end of the year.

With the warmer weather now here, can all families please make sure they are applying sunscreen on their children in the mornings.  We have sunscreen in the foyer if you forget to apply at home, but it is really important that all children are coming into the classrooms wearing it.  We would really appreciate if families leave a named sunhat at Moa Kids too for their child. This means all children will have their own hats and won’t need to wear spares.

Now summer is just around the corner, please can you make sure you are packing several changes of clothes in your child’s bag as there will be lots of water play happening in the summer months.

With the end of the year upon us, just a reminder we are closing on Friday 21st December at 5.00pm and reopening on Monday 7th January at 8am.  If you are planning on taking extra leave, can you email in your holiday dates to Zoe or I.

The children have already started practicing for their Christmas concert.  We have booked this in for Wednesday 5th December at 4.30pm here at the centre. As usual we will have it take place just outside the centre playground in the park.  So, bring a picnic dinner and some family and friends.  The concert will start at 4.30 sharp. Followed by Melanie Poppins at 5pm and finishing off with a special visitor just after 5.30pm.  Please make sure you pencil this in your calendar.

Some very exciting news is that Moa Kids is again full from the start of next year along with a growing waitlist.  This is great news for us all; however, it means our flexibility on extra days and times is not as easy as it was. Please make sure you call or email ahead, as turning up for extra days now might mean we have to say no when you arrive.  With our numbers continuing to grow it is very important that all families let us know if you are going to be away, sick or on leave. As there maybe someone is waiting to for a session that day.

We have come to the stage where the preschool is really full and if anyone leaves or heads off to school, we will be taking nursery children on in these spots. So if there are any siblings or people you know wanting nursery spots, please make sure they get in contact with me asap.

We are also now at the stage when children are leaving at 12.30pm or 1pm and we have children coming in for the afternoon spot.  It is really important that your child is picked up at their booked in times.  Please let me know if you are running late or need extra times. As I will have to check we have the space.

Over the last few months a few of our children have changed days, hours and times. Anytime that we do a change in the system, we have to get you to sign for this. This is just a funding requirement from MOE. So please make sure you see Zoe or I in the office to do this.  If your child is turning three soon. It is important that we get all the right documentation for your child’s 20 ECE hours or in Moa Kids case 30 ECE hours.  So please make sure you see me or Zoe to do this.

With the centre growing so much, we have decided that next year we will be doing newsletters monthly. They won’t be as big as these ones. But it means it will be more up to date.

This weekend coming we are having a working bee here at the centre.  This will be starting at 8.30am. We don’t expect this to go for more than a couple of hours, but the more helpers we have, the quicker we will be. We want to get some gardening done, removal of the dead bush by the bins area, clearing of gutters and overall tidy up of the outdoor space.  We will also need to take some loads to the dump, if you have a trailer and can help please let me know.

At the end of the month Redcliffs Primary School are having their annual fair. Redcliffs are very supportive of Moa Kids and let us have a stall. This year we will be looking for helpers on the day so watch out in the foyer for the timetable.  Last year we sold bubbles and play dough which sold really well so we will do this again. The winner on the day last year was face painting.  This year we will be better prepared for the lines J.  If there are any mums/dads/older siblings that are talented with face painting, we would love your help on this part of the stall. The face painting is just $2 and we have up photos of what the children can have, so do not worry you do not have to have a degree in fine arts to help J Please can you come see me if you are able to help.

Just a reminder that my door is always open if there is any issue or something you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to come and see me.

With everyone reducing the plastic bag usage, we are really struggling at getting plastic bags at the centre. So can all families please make sure they have a named reusable bag in their child’s preschool bag for wet clothes.

Our compost bin is well underway and providing us with fabulous compost. If anyone would like any, please see a teacher so we can get you some.

The children love their show and tell days, but we have noticed the basket is getting fuller and fuller.  Please remember to collect your child’s show & tell item at the end of the day if they do bring something in.

At Moa Kids there has been a culture that the children climb along the fence into the preschool or on their way out.  This has become a real health and safety issue with children falling.  We ask that you discourage your child from doing tihis, and if they are seen we will ask them to get down.  We will be educating the children at group time, but can families please make sure they are not putting their children up there to walk across please.

I also just want to take this time to say thank you. The fact we have such a full centre now with a growing waitlist is fantastic.  All of the families coming in for show around are normally through word of mouth from families already here. So thank you J

Enjoy the last few months of 2018


Welcome to our new families

A big welcome to Juju, Cooper and Mizuki.  All of our new friends have started over the past two months.  It’s great to have you all join the Moa Kids family.


We have said goodbye and Happy School Days to Isla and Marisa.  We hope their next learning adventure is a fun one.

Staff News

Emily has headed off on maternity leave; we wish her all the best. Isaac is of course still in the preschool so you may see her round on pickups and drop off times.  Margie is stepping into Emily’s role while she is away.

Rachael, our new head teacher, has settled in well into the nursery room.

Hayley is on annual leave the week of show week. Letisha will be stepping into her role while she is away.

Zoe is taking a well deserved break and heading back to the UK for 5 weeks at Christmas.


  • Moa Kids is a “nut free” zone.  Lately we have been noticing a lot of nut products coming in cashews, almonds, peanut butter sandwiches etc.  Please can you remember that we are a nut free zone when you are making your child’s lunch
  • We know that plastic bags are very rare now, but if you do have any spare lying around your house, we will gladly take them off your hands.
  • Have you moved house recently or got a new landline/mobile number?  If so, please update the office with your new details.
  • If your child is down to go on an excursion can you please make sure that your child has good walking shoes either on them or in their bag.
  • With the warmer weather upon us, please make sure that you are packing sunhats and lots of spare clothes for your children as we will have lots of water play outside over the summer months.  Also please make sure that all clothing is named.
  • Please make sure that your child comes in with sunscreen on.  We have a bottle in the foyer that you are welcome to use, however, you must apply it to your child before they enter the classroom.  We will reapply sunscreen throughout the day.  If you have a particular cream that you would like your child to use, please make sure you provide this and write your child’s name on it.
  • The lost property area is getting pretty full, especially with socks.  Can you please head over there the next time you are in and have a look through everything.

Governance Committee

Our final Governance Committee meeting of the year is on Monday 19th November.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The meeting will start at 7.30 and is held in the preschool room

Nursery News

September and October have seen lots of children move into the preschool room. Hamish, Honor, Lily, Sienna and Nia have all finished their transition programme and are settled into the preschool.  We certainly miss them all, but they have settled in really well into preschool life.  They often wave at the fence or at the door when they see us.

We welcomed Rachael, our new head teacher, into the nursery room in September. It is great to have Rachael on board.  Rachael comes with some fantastic ideas which she is implementing in the nursery area which includes displaying some fabulous work the children have been doing in the nursery foyer area.  Make sure you take a look when you are next in.

The new equipment in the nursery room has been a huge hit. The sensory tiles are very bright and colourful and the children have loved exploring the different tiles and shapes.  The children and teachers made up different sensory bags as well, adding water, sand, different types of paper and other textures.

These new experiences provide the Tamariki with different opportunities to explore and discover.  The sensory tile and bags allow the Tamariki to use their curiosity to expand their growing knowledge.

As part of the holiday programme we had a special visitor on Spring Flowers Day; it was a pet lamb.  The nursery Tamariki were all looking over to the preschool watching the lamb so Letisha brought it through for them to experience as well.  They all thought this was great; there were lots of laughs and smiles from all of the children.  They also thought it was very funny looking as it had a nappy on J.  The Tamariki were able to make connections to the wider world and work alongside their peers as they discovered something new.

We have been enjoying getting creative with art this month, creating some beautiful masterpieces which are displayed on the nursery walls.  We have used brushes, stamps, glue, collage and different art textures.  The children have enjoyed the variety of art materials and experiences which enhance the children’s imagination and creativity.

We have tired making the most of this great weather and getting the children outside as much as we can.  The water play has been very popular with the children, as it always is. We have had the buckets out with brushes and the children have been very busy painting and decorating the outdoor area with water.  They have also loved getting the water cans filled up to water the garden for us, they are such super helpers.  With all of the water play activities that are been set up in the nursery, can you please make sure you are packing lots of changes of clothes.

Now that it is summer. We of course will be getting the children to have hats on when they are outside. If it is possible we would love it if they had a named preschool hat that can stay here at the centre.

Preschool News

Again the holiday programme was a hit with the children. Thank you to everyone for supporting this. I think a highlight for some of the children was when Letisha organised a lamb to come in and visit us on Spring Flower day. The children also loved creating their own burgers on “slider day”.  Keep an eye out further down the newsletter for the photos from all of the activity programme events!

You may have notice lately we have been out and about on different trips into the community again.  The children love getting out and putting on their Moa Kids vests.  With the centre being so full now, it is hard to get out all the time, but the teachers are very quick to jump on an opportunity to get to the park or even short excursions in the area.  We are always looking for parent helpers, so if there is a trip happening and you or a grandparent can help, we would love this.

Having strong links with the community and our local schools is a big part of Moa Kids. At the end of term 3 we were lucky enough to head along to the Redcliffs school production.  The children thought this was fabulous plus it was great to see all of our ex pupils and siblings do such a wonderful job.

A small group of children also had the chance to head along to Sumner School, for a discovery morning with the new entrance class.  This was such a great opportunity.  The children really enjoyed their time and got lots out of it.

We have started to wrap up our project on construction; this was another successful project.  Construction naturally makes up a big part of our programme but it was great to extend on this and give the children the opportunity to create some more.  Throughout this project they really enjoyed using the hot glue guns to build and create different masterpieces/structures.  

The teachers are now observing the children to see if there is a common interest for our next project; so watch this space.

The children wrote a play in dolphin club which has come out into the preschool.  The children have been busy practicing this for out Christmas party and are really taking ownership of it, they are looking forward to performing it for all their family and friends on Wednesday 5th December from 4.30 onwards.

With the weather warming up there has been lots of busy outdoor play with the children. All the children are gaining more and more confidence on the climbing equipment and are also loving the different rope swings. These can be challenging, but the children are enjoying this challenge.

The children have really taken on caring for their veggie patch that they made with Sharleen and the local Bunnings team.  It has really taken off, so there has been lots of baking happening with the veggies from the garden. They even made their own scarecrow to go in the garden.

Family play has continued to be popular with the preschool children.  This area is also very popular with the transition children coming through form the nursery.  The prams and babies are always being used.  We have had lots of preschool children have new siblings over the last 6 months so this has been a common interest shared amongst so many of the children.

Dolphin Club News

Who would believe we are into the last term of Dolphin club for 2018.

The children have been busy little bees and have finished writing their play.  We must say it is very entertaining and you can tell it has been written by preschool children J

So we now are at the stage where we are making props and practicing the play.  The children are doing such a fabulous job.  Make sure you pencil in the Christmas party date, as that is when will we be performing it.

We have been doing lots of work around self regulation. We have been doing this through music and talking to the children about it. We have noticed a huge difference at Moa Kids in the way the children have been responding to situations, which is great.

The children have been learning a whakatauki

Ehara taku toa i

Te toa takitahi.

Wngari, hetoa takitini.


My Strength is not the strength of one

It is the strength of many 

The language we will learning this term is Japanese. The children have picked this up really quickly.  Thank you to Masako, Kae’s mum, for her help with this.

What’s on?

Saturday 3rd November at 8:30am - Working Bee

This is to tidy up the outside area – further details are in Hayley’s section of the newsletter.

Moa Kids Governance Committee Meeting

Monday 19th November at 7:30pm in the preschool room.

Wednesday 5th December at 4.30pm - Children’s Christmas Party

The children will perform their play they have written followed by entertainment from Melanie Poppins and then a certain special visitor will make an appearance.

Children’s corner

Becky, Andrew and Sienna welcomed baby Cara Evelyn into the world on 11th September at CHCH Womens. Sienna is loving being a big sister and helping look after baby Cara.

Have you been away somewhere exciting and you want to let everyone know, or have you got a new person in your family?  Please send a few details to Zoe and she’ll put a little piece in the “children’s corner” section.

Note from Zoe

How did it get to the end of October?  This year is going so crazily fast!

Thank you to everyone who has once again got behind the photography fundraiser, your lovely comments about the photos have been very much appreciated.  I’m glad you all liked them.  As soon as your orders have arrived, I’ll get them out to you.

As Hayley mentioned earlier, I’m heading to the UK with my family early December for 5 weeks.  We are all getting quite excited about seeing all of our family over there and spending Christmas with them. 

However, before we go, I’m once again co-ordinating the Redcliffs School Fair.  This is being held on Sunday 25th November at Redcliffs School’s temporary site, van Asch in Sumner.  I know that many of our community are very excited about the fair as it’s such a special time to bring the whole community together.  The fair will run from 11am until 3pm.

With regards to drop offs for white elephant, toys, clothes, books and plants.  You are welcome to drop goods off to the covered verandah of the van Asch School Hall (entrance off Wakefield Avenue) during school hours Monday to Friday from now.

Please spread the word, we want as many people as possible there.

Lunchbox Ideas

Egg Muffins



12 large eggs

2 tbsp finely chopped onion (red, white or yellow/brown)

Salt and pepper, to taste

Tomato spinach & mozzarella:

¼ cup fresh spinach (roughly chopped)

8 cherry tomatoes (halved)

¼ cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Bacon cheddar:

¼ cup cooked bacon (chopped)

¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese

Garlic mushroom pepper:

¼ cup sliced brown mushrooms

¼ cup red bell pepper, (diced)

1 tbsp fresh chopped parsley

¼ tsp garlic powder, or 1/3 tsp minced garlic


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F).
  2. Lightly spray a 12-cup capacity muffin tin with nonstick oil spray.
  3. In a large bowl, whisk together eggs and onion.
  4. Season with salt and pepper, to taste.
  5. Add egg mixture halfway up into each tin of the muffin tin.
  6. Divide the three topping combinations into 4 muffin cups each.
  7. Bake for 20 minutes.
  8. Serve OR store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days and reheat when ready to serve.


Prep time:        15 mins

Cook time:      20 mins


Teacher profile: Rebecca Guthrie, Domestic Support

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am the Domestic Support working at Moa Kids.

I have two children, Alex and Zoe who are at Redcliffs Primary School.  Both Alex and Zoe attended Moa Kids.

I grew up in the area and studied Education at Christchurch University.

After travelling and working in hospitality, I have returned to my work in childcare, beginning with nannying for the last few years and now happily enjoying the wonderful families and fun at Moa Kids.

Governance Committee profile:

Name: Rrita Xharra-Pope, Committee Member & Fundraising Support

What is your connection with Moa Kids?

I am mum to Olive who is currently in the nursery at Moa Kids

What role do you fill on the Committee?

I'm a committee member

What do you enjoy most about volunteering your time for Moa Kids?

Being part of a group of parents and staff of Moa Kids who work so hard at making sure the centre is providing the best care and education for all of the kids. Also being able to contribute towards the fundraising activities that Moa Kids runs and that are brilliant for the community and so essential for a non profit centre.

What have been your highlights from your time as part of the Committee?

Seeing the amazing growth of Moa Kids thanks to the new leadership provided by Hayley. It has been amazing welcoming so many new children and parents who have now started their journeys at Moa Kids.