September & October 2017

Who would believe that we are in to the last few months of 2017!

We have had a busy couple of months with lots of new children and families joining Moa Kids.  We would like to say a big welcome to you all.  Everyone is settling in so well and making the most of their time with us.

With our numbers continuing to grow it is important that all families let us know if they are going to be away sick or on leave. You can call the centre, but emailing is fine too.

With our numbers continuing to grow so much, we have had to bring on another teacher. This is very exciting for Moa Kids and Terehia started a few weeks back. We are very excited to have Terehia join our teaching team, she will be working full time in the preschool room.  Terehia is a fully qualified teacher and I know she will be a great addition to our teaching team.

I have had a few comments from parents regarding the volume of relievers we are having lately. In the past if we had teachers away or sick, we often could staff it without getting in relievers. Due to the high numbers now in the centre, we have to replace anyone that is away. I try my best to use one of our own relievers, however at times I do have to use agencies. Again I will try to get the same teachers, so the children and families are familiar with them. With Terehia coming on, this will help.

Lots of our children have changed days, hours and times lately. Whenever you ask for a change in the system, we have to get you to sign a form for this. This is just a funding requirement from MOE.

If your child is turning three soon, it is important that we get all the right documentation for your child’s 20 ECE hours or in Moa Kids case 30 ECE hours.  So please make sure you see me or Zoe to do this.

At Moa Kids we do not charge any additional cost for our 30 ECE funded hours when your child turns three. We have a weekly $10 donation fee that is optional. We set this up as a donation, so families can claim back at tax time.  So if your child is three and you are not paying the donation and would like to. Please let us know, so we can add this into your fortnightly account. With us being a not for profit organisation the $10 donation per week really helps out Moa Kids and goes a long way in helping us provide high quality care and education.

We seem to continue to have an issue with collecting a large pile of lost property at Moa Kids. Can parents please make sure that they check the lost property on a regularly basis and also try and name all clothing that comes into the centre.

As most of you are aware, the Redcliffs School Fair is on Sunday the 26th November. We are having a stall at the fair this year, so we will need volunteers to help out across the day. It worked well at the Estuary fest, by doing 1 hour shifts, so we will get a roster timetable set up and displayed in the foyer. Please add you name in the time slot you can help out. Thanks in advance.

With the centre now having a wait-list on several days, it is really important parents let me know what date your child is heading off to school.  It is fine for them to stay after they are five, however if you can let me know so we can ensure they still have a space.

With Christmas just around the corner, we have had a few parents ask about the dates we are closing this year.  Moa Kids closes for two weeks and this year we will be closing on Friday 22nd December at 5pm and re-opening on Monday 8th January at 8am. Can all families also please let us know what days their children will be away over the Xmas period. This makes my life a lot easier when working our staffing and extra bookings.

Just a reminder that my door is always open and if there is any issue or something you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to come see me.

Hope you all have a lovely lead up to the crazy season.  Again thank you for all your support and help over this busy time.


Welcome to our new families

A big Moa Kids welcome to Hamish, Liam, Sienna, Stella, Juniper, Freya, Amelia, Felix .and Nia   They have all started over the past two months.  It’s great to have you all join the Moa Kids family.


We have said goodbye and Happy School Days to Lillie, Saffie and Kiwa.  We wish you lots of luck with your new school adventures.

Staff News

Poor Sharon has broken her foot. She is off until further notice. Hopefully it will not be too long and we will have her back working in the nursery.

A big Moa Kids welcome to Elanza. She is a fully qualified teacher and is helping out in the nursery, while Sharon is off.

We often get asked if we know anyone that baby sits or is looking for nanny work. Sarah and Lucy who are two of our fantastic casuals often do nanny and babysitting work.  If you are interested please let Hayley know and she will pass your details on.


  • At Moa Kids we are a “nut” free zone. Lately we have been noticing a lot of nut products coming in cashews, almonds, peanut butter sandwiches etc. Please can you remember that we are a nut free zone when you are making your child’s lunch.
  • Can you please ensure that your child’s lunch box and drink bottle is named.  We have a lot of lunch boxes and drink bottles on the shelves without names on.
  • If you have any spare plastic bags. We would love to take them off your hands. We can never have too many.
  • With the warmer weather upon us. Please make sure you are packing sun hats and lots of spare clothes for your children, as we have lots of water play out over the summer months. Also making sure all clothing is named.
  • Please make sure you child comes in with sun cream on. We will have one in the foyer, so please feel free to use that when bringing your child in. We will update them with cream throughout the day. If there is a particular cream you would like them to have, please made sure you provide this.

Governance Committee

Our next Governance Committee meeting is on Monday 20th November.  The meeting will start at 7.30pm.  We would love to have some new members join us.  This will be our last meeting for the year.

Nursery News

The nursery has continued to grow, A big welcome to all our new friends. Everyone is settling in well and making the most of their time at Moa Kids.

Lots of our children are starting the process of moving into the preschool room, there have been lots of visits next door.  Everyone is doing so well and asking to go through and when it comes to returning they often like to express to us, they want to stay, Which is fantastic for their transition process.  While in the preschool, the transitioning children get to practice new skills including self help skills at the kai table.  You can see Hazel getting to grips with some tongs.  The older preschool children love to teach the younger ones these skills too.  The children are also enjoying being welcomed by their friend Isaac, who moved through a few months back.

Music has been very popular in the nursery over the last few months. We have been increasing different music times. We have even been getting song requests at group time, from the children J. A couple of favourites are The Wheels on the Bus and Kina Kina.

There has been an extended interest in exploration.  The children are spending more and more time outside and enjoying connecting with nature.  The children are really into finding bugs at the moment.  They found a ladybird and a snail in the garden and they all came over to look.

The children and families really got into the holiday programme which was great to see with lots of dress ups.  Pyjama Day was a very popular day in the nursery.

Preschool News

We have had lots of new friends start in the preschool over the last few months.

Our older children have loved taking our new children under their wings by showing them the ropes and supporting them in the preschool environment.  It has been great to see our children showing empathy, kindness and TuaKana-Tena with their new friends.

Dramatic plays continue to be a big part of the children’s day.  The family corner continues to be busy with doctor’s surgeries, restaurants, fishing trips set up throughout the day.

There have been a lot of children interested in “bug” hunting in the outdoor environment. Our frogs have certainly been happy with  the children’s findings.

A big thank you to New World Redcliffs, who have kept us inundated with little gardens. Our children have loved the whole process of planting the seeds.  Our little garden has certainly taken off.  All our children are enjoying the daily watering process. As you can imagine the plants are enjoying all the water and are thriving.

As part of our philosophy review this year, we have increased our efforts with sustainability and recycling. We purchased a new compost bin, again the children have really got involved with this process and love taking the food scraps out to the compost bin. We have attracted a few fruit flies, so again our frogs a very happy as the children like to take them the fruit flies.

With our review we came up with a new system with our wet clothes. If your child’s clothes go home in a reusable bag, please can you wash it and return it back to the centre.

We have had a few visitors in this month. Shad Rutherford the magician came in for a show. The children thought he was fantastic and loved every minute of his show. A big thanks to Shad for coming in.

Sarah form Bubble Bonanza came in to show the children her big bubble display. They certainly thought this was pretty cool. Some of the bubbles were nearly as big as some of the children.

We have started heading back out into the community on different trips. The children just love getting out and about again. We have had a few parents asking when their children will be heading out on trips. With our numbers so high now, it will take us a while to get around everyone. Also some days suit better for trips. But we have now made a list of who have been on trips and who hasn’t, so we will make sure we refer to our list when planning our next trips. With trips, we can always take more children if we have parent help. So if you are available for parent help on our trips, please let us know. The more the merrier.

Our recent project in the preschool has been on Visual arts. This of course includes our amazing 100 Layer Witch production.

A big thank you to Shay and all the children who worked so hard on this. What a fantastic job they did. Also thank you to the families who came along and supported this event.  What a wonderful turnout we had.

Our holiday programme was again a success. This seems to be working well with getting children in here when they have siblings at home. So we will continue this over the next holidays.  

Dolphin Club News

Dolphin club has been all about our play that we have written. This project has been so successful.

The children spent weeks working on their lines and also creating their individual costumes.  We were all so proud of them on performance day. The children did so well, especially with how many people came to support it.

With the interest of plays we have been out and about watching different plays. Sumner school and St Martins School both invited us along to their plays. It was great for the children to head long and see what their plays were all about.

This project has now naturally come in an end. Shay has asked the children what they would like the next project to be. She is also observing where their interest takes them.  There seems to be a real interest in them wanting to know about baby animals. So watch this space as this might be the next project.  The project is only part of what we do in dolphin club.

This term we are learning Samoan. The children have picked this up really quickly. The children are still enjoying sharing and learning their Mihi to their peers.

What’s on?

Children’s Christmas Party

Tuesday 5th December

4:30pm – 5:45pm.  The children will start us off with a concert followed by an entertainer with our special visitor coming along at 5:45.

Murder Mystery

Our much anticipated murder mystery evening is now booked so pop the date in your diary.  It’s going to be held on Saturday 10th March 2018 at the Mt Pleasant Community Centre.  If you are interested in joining the sub-committee for this event, please email Jude at

Children’s corner

Wow, what a busy couple of months it has been for 3 of our families. 

A huge Moa Kids congratulations to Ella, Milo and Saoirse on becoming big siblings.  You will all be great role models for your babies.  We hope life as a family of 4 for each of you is going well.

Congratulations to:

Shelley, Bertie and Ella on the birth of Jan (pronounced Yarn) born 16th September at 11:46.

Sharon, Mark and Milo on the birth of Torin born 31st July at 1:30am.

Niamh,Gayon and Saoirse, on the birth of Benjamin born 25th October at 9.15pm.

Note from Zoe

How did it get to the end of October?  This year is going so crazily fast!

As Hayley mentioned earlier, on Sunday 26th November Redcliffs School are holding their Fair.  This is going to be a very special event as it is being held on the Main Road School Site.  I’m very lucky to be organising the fair this year and know that many of our community are very excited, especially with it being on the old school site. The 26th November is also the day of the Summer Starter which finishes in Redcliffs Park so we are planning for our biggest fair yet!

With regards to drop offs for white elephant, toys, clothes, books and plants.  You are welcome to drop goods off to the Main Road school site on the following days:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 2pm and 2.50pm.  (We ask you to be very vigilant of children as the school bus arrives around 3pm.  Please be clear of the premises before then.)

Saturday & Sunday between 9am and 12pm. 

Please spread the word, we want as many people as possible there.