The Pre-School

The Pre-School at Moa Kids, is a warm, spacious and well-equipped environment where children, aged from two years to six, share the learning opportunities offered in our daily range of activities.

While the very experienced and fully-qualified teaching staff support and engage children in creative and explorative play (both indoors and out), this is where our practice of self-choice and self-help really comes alive. Through our free-play in a mixed-age environment, we promote the development of happy relationships among the children, fostering social skills and a sense of independence as well as a spirit of adventure.

In a mixed-age, free-play environment we see our children self-selecting aged-mixed and same-age play. This permits the more sophisticated behavior of older children to be offered as a role model for the younger children, who also typically receive more emotional support from older children than from those their own age. Mixed-age play also permits older children to learn by teaching and to practice their skills in nurturing and leadership. In turn, older children can be inspired by the imagination and creativity of their younger friends.

Problem solving can be a difficult issue for children in this age group so we recognise the importance of assisting with this. We focus on empowering our children to problem solve on their own as they encounter challenges. Teachers ask questions, encouraging objective thinking, to guide a child through situations as they arise.

Care-giving routines are woven into the curriculum, ensuring that we remain responsive to the changing needs of children in this group. We have a dedicated sleep room available for afternoon naps.

Our extension programme, called The Dolphin Club, is offered daily in school term-time. This programme is based on the interests of the group and we find our three-four year old children really enjoy their special time each day, further developing their passion for learning through regular outings and special events.