Dolphin Club

For 3 - 4 year old children at Moa Kids each morning around 9.30am

Dolphin Club is an integral part of our educational programme at Moa Kids.  This extension programme is primarily for our 3 - 4 year olds, but younger children who show a strong interest or desire in the current project are able to join us.  Dolphin Club runs a very similar philosophy to our centre; we have an open door policy, so everyone is welcome.  Dolphin Club is not compulsory but you'll find most children have a strong sense of ownership to this group and are eager to gather at the door when its Dolphin Club time.  Dolphin Club runs 30 - 40 mins every morning, depending on the interests and needs of the children attending.  Dolphin Club is aimed at ensuring our children are equipped for the best possible transition to primary school.  Our preschool room run a project approach style of group learning.  This is where a project is chosen by the children and their current interests.  Dolphin Club time allows the older children of the centre to extend and explore this topic even further.  Throughout Dolphin Club children are developing different skills such as name recognising, numeracy, literacy knowledge, friendships, social skills, routines, group extensions, independence, self care, ICT skills and Tikanga Maori.

We do that by: